FORGOTTEN: US farmer tears into Biden administration over China, Russia payment claims

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An American farmer is speaking out after the Biden administration reportedly sent billions to U.S. adversaries. 

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends First,” National Black Farmers Association President John Boyd Jr. ripped the Biden administration for dispensing money to China and Russia, arguing that the president has done nothing but deliver “empty promises” to the farming community. 

“It’s a real slap in the face. Here you have American farmers losing their farms and right here in the United States with this. Last year alone, we lost over 10,000 farms in the United States and this administration had done nothing but give us broken promises here,” Boyd Jr. argued, Friday.

Boyd Jr. continued:

“We’re losing our farms in America. And this administration is giving money to Chinese producers, Russia, hand over fist. What does that say to America’s farmers right here at home? Why can’t we help America’s farmers at home first? That’s what we’ve been asking for from this administration. And the Biden administration has failed American farmers right here in the United States.”

According to a new report by Sen. Joni Ernst and Open the Books, the White House has reportedly sent over $1.3 billion to Chinese and Russian entities in the past five years. This includes $1.6 million awarded to Chinese food producers through the National School Lunch Program, intended to support American farmers. The analysis further revealed that taxpayer funds were given to a Chinese software developer, a Russian health insurance provider (later sanctioned), Chinese agriculture companies, and the Chinese state-run Wuhan lab, which received $2 million for bat coronavirus research.
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