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Written by Dennis Michael Lynch
TeamDML is a force. It appears we are making an impact with our push of emails and “I SUPPORT TRUMP” bumper stickers targeted at FOX News and the hosts who are broadcasting town hall programming for Democratic candidates running for president.

“DML is on a rampage.” That’s the statement one official at FOX News allegedly said after we launched an email campaign to demand FOX News stop hosting town halls for Democrats.

According to my high-level contact at FOX News, the network is “pissed off” that I am urging viewers to complain.

For two days strong, TeamDML has bombarded FOX News with emails demanding the network stop providing radical Democrats a platform to spew lies about Trump.  The emails to FOX started on Friday night.

These radical Dems use the hour to slam our president and then take the clips and run them on Twitter.  Trump doesn’t need this sort of thing; this does nothing but empower the Democrats into using the only network Trump has on his side to spread anti-Trump lies.

If you want to get involved, go to and get the email address to send your concern to FOX.  While you are there buy the I SUPPORT TRUMP bumper sticker and I will give you another one for free.  I’ll take the free sticker and mail it to FOX with your name on it.

The more people who participate the more impact it will have.  You may recall we did this sort of thing last year. We bombarded FOX with complaints via email and phone calls about them running the Tom Steyer ads for Trump’s impeachment.  The ads stopped running the next day.  Now we have to stop these town halls from airing on FOX.

In a poll run Sunday, DML News App asked, “Do you think the top brass at FOX will listen?  Will FOX News stop airing the town halls with Democrats?”  You can participate in the poll below.

They are listening! While checking my emails at 10:30am this morning, a TeamDML member sent me the response she says received from FOX News host Bret Baier, who hosted the most recent town hall with open-borders advocate Julian Castro.

Julie Elmore sent me the email via our website.  Here is the screenshot of her email.  I have asked her to send me the actual email, and I await her response.  But from the looks of what she copied over to me, I am rather confident this message came from Baier.  The response is pompous, and what I would expect from the FOX News elite.

If you think the emails are making an impact, wait until they receive the bumper stickers.  Please participate: 

This is the email I received back from Bret Baier:

Thanks. We will cover the race fairly If you don’t like it — good luck with your viewing
Thanks for the email
Bret Baier
Chief Political Anchor, Fox News Channel
Executive Editor, “Special Report w/ Bret Baier”


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  1. I haven’t watched one second of any of the dems townhall and I won’t in the future. I have never voted for a Democrat and I never will.

  2. I have shutdown my DVR…I am not recording any more FOX programs. we need to send a strong message, I am sorry some of the people I like may get hurt like Tucker, and Hannity and Laura..but this has to stop and stop now. DML I am with you.

  3. I have shutdown my DVR…I am not recording any more FOX programs. we need to send a strong message, I am sorry some of the people I like may get hurt like Tucker, and Hannity and Laura..but this has to stop and stop now. DML I am with you.

  4. I remember how humble Bret was taking over the reigns from Brit Hume a real journalist. And Bret’s impassioned plea for everyone to pray for his sickly son. If a man can not recognize what’s truly right or wrong in this new world and what truly protects his young son from a totalitarian state, he is part of the problem and not the solution in my eyes.

  5. Bret Baier looked and acted uncomfortable at the Julian Castro town hall. He seemed like he was muzzled as if he was told to “be nice and be soft”. He just was not his normal self. However Martha McCallum is her fiery self not letting them get away with too much. The Julian Castro town hall was gross he just showed how much of a politician he was and his answers so darn vague and I kept thinking 🤔 of the word “Greasy” I was totally turned off by the whole thing and Bret Baier might as well not even been there he was like a ghost host!

  6. I haven’t watched any Democrat Townhalls and don’t plan to. I only watch a few Fox programs now, and watch more OANN (One American News Network) that is 100% pro Trump. Liberals are taking over Fox. I mostly watch Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, Judge Jeanine, and some Fox & Friends. I enjoy the comic relief of The Greg Gutffeld Show on the weekend. Some of the worst ones that will bash President Trump are: Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, Shep Smith, Neil Cavuto, Juan Williams. And Judge Napolitano rarely takes Trump’s side . Also, Geraldo, who claims to be a friend of Trump, is more critical of him than supportive.
    Again…. I suggest you might try OANN for CONSERVATIVE NEWS.

  7. I am hoping OANN will soon come to comcast…..I can’t stand what has happened to Fox News….I always encouraged ppl to watch it……not anymore….you can’t play both sides…and they call it fair and balanced which is a joke….I wish Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham,Judge Jeanine, would start their own show….They would take Fox out…I tried to keep watching and thinking things would change but after these liberal bashing Trump town halls…I can tell you I’m done…R.I.P Fox News

  8. OANN is the best “real” news with “real” journalists. I hope that Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Judge Jeannine and the great one, Levin go there eventually. Fox is now controlled by the sons, who like the rest of the brainwashed younger generation, are socialist dems.

  9. I haven’t watched any of them & will not. They will NOT change my mind, they’re all Un-American if you ask me. I do not believe in socialism & I don’t want to live in a socialist country, why don’t they pick up & move to China & stop trying to ruin our country. Problem is; we have allowed these sleez bags, socialists, communist loving people to teach generations of kids, now we are seeing the damage in the support for these losers running today! Pray for our country & our President & the elections in 2020!

  10. Sad that Brett actually thinks by putting socialists in a town hall he’s covering the election fairly as if what they are doing is not going to ruin our country. Is he really that stupid? I don’t know how to contact him, but I’m going to try to find out. I barely watch Fox and once you get used to those on One America News it’s much better. It’s real reporting not a bunch of hype for ratings which is what Hannity is mostly about. I don’t miss anyone on Fox. Left when Donna Brazile came on board so she could defend Obama and other underhanded Democrats.

  11. I too can see Fox drifting to the left. We already have too many LIBERAL LEFTIST news outlets–we DON’T NEED ANOTHER. Hoping an alternative news station pops up soon–Thank You DML for all you do to fight these traitors on FOX. Have been a fan of yours since I attended your presentation several years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio on the dangers at the border–you were way ahead of the game!

  12. I wonder what the FNC ratings are like when they host these people? I know I never watch, in fact I usually have FNC on as background when I’m in the house, but purposely turn it off when these townhalls are aired. Did you see that Cavuto had on Valerie Jarrett the other day? Turned that off ASAP.


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