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Written by DML
TeamDML member Amy Pritchett sent an email to Bret Baier and Martha MacCullum at FOX News and received an reply back from both anchors.

Amy sent her email in response to my call-to-action for all TeamDML members to email FOX News to express concerns over the manner in which the network is giving numerous liberal candidates the opportunity to use it’s massive platform as a channel to spew lies and nonsense against Trump.

Our campaign at has sparked a fire — thousands of people sending emails and bumper stickers (I SUPPORT TRUMP) to the network as a way of expressing concerns.

In a poll Sunday, 53% of people voted “NO” when asked if FOX will stop running town hall style programming for Democratic candidates. (Take the poll, click here)

On Saturday, ran another poll asking if FOX is moving to the “left.”  A whopping 87% voted “YES.”  (Take the poll, click here)If TeamDML continues to send the email / bumper sticker combo (I send one bumper sticker to FOX for every one that is purchased), I can assure you the FOX News brass will call it quits.  (See my Walk & Talk from today).

Earlier Sunday, TeamDML member Julie received what I believe to be a pompous email from Baier. His email was in response to her voicing frustrating and concern over the town halls.  Read the response, click here.

Seeing the response Julie received, Amy Pritchert sent an email to both Baier and MacCullum.  The two hosted the most recent town hall program with radical Democrat Julian Castro.

Amy writes: “It’s disappointing to see Fox engage in these Town Halls. I am not going to watch my favorite Fox personalities anymore as a result. Fox sure loved Trump when everyone watched and the ratings were sky high. Now it seems that Fox is going to dump Trump and move on to the next shiny object! Even if you are not bashing our President, you are supporting Fox’s change by working at this network. Julian Castro? Mayor Pete? Amy Klobuchar? Bernie Sanders? Play their clips over and over to boost online ratings. It’s pretty sad that the only place for honest and balanced reporting is Dennis Michael Lynch. 

Amy Pritchett

Bret Baier’s response to Amy was short, and to the point: “Thanks for watching while you have. “

Martha MacCullum provided a deeper response.

———- Forwarded message ———
From: MacCallum, Martha
Date: Sun, Jun 16, 2019 at 17:27
Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] Fwd: Democratic Town Halls
To: Amy Pritchett

We are news programming. Bret and I have covered four presidential campaign cycles. We can’t leave out half the story. Thanks for your email and hope you’ll stay tuned for our comprehensive coverage of the 2020 election.

Many thanks,


Sent from my iPhone

I stand confused on Martha’s comment about “half the story.”  How is it not half the story to host one-hour town halls with radical liberals and not have a follow up for one-hour with someone from the Trump camp? Or Trump himself for that matter.

Half the story is allowing these liberals like Castro, who have little chance to win their party nomination, to use FOX News as a bullhorn to speak about impeachment when there is no crime committed by the president.

We need more people to send more emails and bumper stickers.  I encourage you to watch the Walk & Talk (link above).  I explain why it is so effective, and as you see these anchors are responding because they know people are pissed off.  The FOX News executives cannot afford a ratings hit.  Trust me when I say your efforts will not fall short. Go to and get involved.
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  1. Both Martha and Bret have from the start been against President Trump. Because they are Fox pundits and know that Fox audience for the most part support Trump, they had to be careful in how they went after him. They are now becoming more embolden in their anti Trump attacks and it clearly shows. Fox overall is making a turn towards the left with only a few honest reporters remaining in their programing.
    I no longer watch Bret or Martha. When they come on I change the channel. They host mostly anti-Trump left wing guests with little to zero pushback.
    It’s ok Bret, glad to have watched you when you were honest…By By!


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