The DML Foundation is operated by Dennis Michael Lynch and his wife Mary.

Written by DML
The DML Foundation Inc is a 501(c)(3) , and it serves our nation by lending financial support to veterans, veterans groups, children in need, homeless Americans, recovering addicts, people who have lost their jobs or homes, front line workers such as nurses, doctors, cops, 9/11 families, school safety projects, families of first responders who die in the the line of duty, and so on.

How and where the DML Foundation receives its funding:

Mary and I started the foundation a few years ago as a way to give back to the American people. The foundation receives it’s funding exclusively from the businesses owned and operated by Mary and me.

We do not take a salary from the charity, and none of the money donated to The DML Foundation is used for personal use. Most of the donations are monetary based, but on occasion we will donate materials such as blankets, food, health products, and clothing.

To help grow The DML Foundation please support my websites, and purchase DML branded products.


Atlanta Hope is a charity organization that provides services to the homeless in Atlanta, GA.

Veterans Community Project is a charity located in Kansas City, MO.  Run by veterans, the organization builds tiny homes for homeless men and women who served in the armed forces.

Betty Ann Senf hands out blankets and food to the homeless in Washington DC.  To help fund her initiatives The DML Foundation donated to her $1,000.

–  Sisters, Carly and Ava Hinnant.  Their brother, Cannon Hinnant, was only 5-year-old when he was murdered in 2020 by a man with a criminal history in North Carolina.   donation was sent with hopes that it can help pay for the sisters college tuition in years to come. Total donation $9,000.

Code Enforcement Officer Charles Case from Augusta, GA, was found shot multiple times in the middle of a residential street by a man who lived in the home that Case had marked as condemned.  Our donation went to help pay for Case’s funeral.  Donation $500

Rosemary Cain, the mother of NYC Fireman George Cain who died on 9/11.  We sent her a donation to help her keep the spirit of George alive.  Donation $500.

Make Our Schools Safe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to protecting students and teachers at school.  Started by the mother of Alyssa Alhadeff, a 14-year-old killed in the Parkland shooting, the Florida based charity advocates for school safety solutions nationwide. Our donation was made with hope of helping the charity grow. Total donation to date $10,000.

Lauren Price was a veteran of the Iraq war.  She was diagnosed as terminally ill with a lung disease caused by the burn pits encountered during her tour.  Lauren and her husband Jim would travel from Florida to DC every few months to pressure politicians to make improvements to the VA system.  Lauren died in 2022, and I gave the eulogy at her funeral. Our donation was intended to help support her efforts. Total donations to date $12,250.

Accelerated Urgent Care is a for-profit medical clinic run by Dr Dan Erickson. Based in CA, the clinic serves patients with various illnesses including the COVID-19 virus.  Our donation was made in support of Dr Erickson’s stance that the COVID-19 shutdowns are more harmful than good, and that with the right care patients can survive the virus rather easily.  We asked AUC to use our donation to help pay for the services rendered to any patient they choose who has no health insurance coverage. Donation $1,000.

-Lisa S. from Arizona is a US veteran who ran into hard times and found herself struggling to pay the bills.  She is a member of TeamDML and a great person who is always helping others, including the homeless. To help, we donated to her $5,000.

Nursing staff at St. Frances Hospital located in Long Island, New York.  The staff at the hospital is the best of the best.  Total donation $1,500.

– John Dehart from Michigan.  $3,000.  John’s daughter lost her ability to function normally after contracting a rare disease from a bug bite.  She is incapable of living without the assistance of her parents.  We tried to help John cover some of the expenses associated with her care giving.

– Vinny from Tennessee.  Vinny is a father of nine.  His kids are all under 18-years old, including two special needs children and a newborn.  He lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic.  He was forced to live with his in-laws in a two bedroom condo while searching for employment.  But then his car broke down and finding a job was near impossible. We donated $2,000 to help him fix the car and find a job.

– John B. from Vermont.  This former football star began a career as a master carpenter and was doing great until drugs became a problem.  He lost everything, but is now recovering with the help of his mother who is a nurse.   As a way of celebrating his 100th day in a row drug free, we sent John $500 to help him start a contracting business.

– Police Officer Gavan.  He is a rookie cop in NYC earning little money in exchange for putting himself in life-risking situations each day.  The risks of being a young police officer is greater today than ever before.  He could have quit the force without anyone casting criticism, but Officer Gavan remains committed to protect and serve.  He is currently patrolling a dangerous area in Queens, and he drives two hours to work each day. Then he has a two hour ride home.  In a sign of support and thanks, The DML Foundation donated to Officer Gavan to help him with expenses, and with hope of helping him move to a home closer to his station. Donation $20,000

James Larkey is a truck driver, only problem is he doesn’t own a truck.  This limits his ability to earn a living. The DML Foundation donated $5,000 to Larkey to help him buy his own box truck.

Andi Buerger JD, Founder Voices Against Trafficking.  Andi is a victim of sex trafficking.  She started an organization to help young kids escape the horrors of sex trafficking.  Donation $8,000

– Potter family.  Mr and Mrs Potter were sitting at home with their two grandchildren when a huge tornado struck their small town in Kentucky.  The family lost everything.  Thanks to friend, they are now living in a trailer while they search for a new home.  Donation $4,000

Cleveland Clinic Hospital.  The Vero Beach, Florida hospital has experienced a high number of COVID cases amid being short staffed.  Donation $1,000.

Alexander Neville Foundation. This donation was inspired by a podcast interview between DML and a mother who lost her son to a drug overdose. Fentanyl killed Alexander Neville, he was 13-year old. His mother is now an activist in alerting parents to the dangers of this horrible drug. Donation: $20,000

–  National Foundation for Healthy Veterans at Stone Ridge.  A foundation launched by retired Major General Bob Dees. The charity helps veterans overcome addiction and hardships. $5,000

Cooper Janis.  He is an infant born to a wonderful same sex couple who is female.  He lost an important male figure in his life, his grandfather, when he suddenly died of a heart attack at 67-years-old. $2,000

– J. Donohue.  He is 9/11 survivor. Donation made to help his family’s dog fight a battle with cancer. Donation $3,000

Caitlyn M.  This recent college grad was spending her summer helping youngsters learn lacrosse at summer camps. She then drove to Ohio from NY for a job interview when someone hit her from behind, destroying her car.  We helped her pay for repairs. Donation $1,500.

– Ken Robinson.  Kenny is an African American trying to put his life together after losing his mother to a stomach related disease, and on the same day she died he lost his brother and sister in a horrible car accident.  Ken wants to start his own painting business, we donated $500 to help him get started.