The DML Foundation is operated by my wife Mary and me.

The DML Foundation Inc is a 501(c)(3) , and it serves our nation by lending financial support to veterans, veterans groups, children in need, homeless Americans, individuals who are trying to help sick people, school safety projects, and the families of first responders who die in the the line of duty.

How and where the DML Foundation receives its funding:

Mary and I contribute to the DML Foundation each quarter.  We do this by donating a percentage of the revenue received from the businesses we own and operate.

Mary and I do not take a salary from the charity, and none of the money donated to the DML Foundation is used for our personal use.  Most of our donations are monetary based, but on occasion will we donate materials such as blankets and clothing.

To help grow the DML Foundation please support my websites and purchase DML products.

NEW PROGRAM: In an attempt to help people in these difficult times we have launched a new $1,000 per donation program.  Please learn about it by clicking here.

Atlanta Hope is a charity organization that provides services to the homeless in Atlanta, GA.

Veterans Community Project is a charity located in Kansas City, MO.  Run by veterans, the organization builds tiny homes for homeless men and women who served in the armed forces.

Betty Ann Senf hands out blankets and food to the homeless in Washington DC.  We helped fund her initiatives.

–  Sisters, Carly and Ava Hinnant.  Their brother, Cannon Hinnant, was only 5-year-old when he was murdered in 2020 by a man with a criminal history in North Carolina.  Our donation was sent with hopes that it can help pay for the sisters college tuition in years to come.

Augusta, GA code enforcement officer Charles Case was found shot multiple times in the middle of a residential street by a man who lived in the home that Case had marked as condemned.  Our donation went to help pay for Case’s funeral.

Rosemary Cain, the mother of NYC Fireman George Cain who died on 9/11.  We sent her a donation to help her keep the spirit of George alive.

Make Our Schools Safe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to protecting students and teachers at school.  Started by the mother of Alyssa Alhadeff, the 14-year-old killed in the Parkland shooting, the charity is Florida based but searches for solutions nationwide. Our donation was made with hope of helping the charity grow.

Lauren Price is a veteran of the Iraq war.  She is terminally ill with a lung disease caused by the burn pits she encountered during her tour.  Lauren and her husband Jim travel from Florida to DC every few months to pressure politicians to make improvements to the VA system.   Our donation was intended to help support her efforts.

Accelerated Urgent Care is a for-profit medical clinic run by Dr Dan Erickson. Based in CA, the clinic serves patients with various illnesses including the COVID-19 virus.  Our donation was made in support of Dr Erickson’s stance that the COVID-19 shutdowns are more harmful than good, and that with the right care patients can survive the virus rather easily.  We asked AUC to use our donation to help pay for the services rendered to any patient they choose who has no health insurance coverage.

-Lisa S. from Arizona is an everyday American who ran into hard times and found herself struggling to pay the bills.  She is a member of TeamDML and a great person who is always helping others, including homeless people.  To help her get through the month we sent her $5,000.