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A Go Fund Me page has been launched for Brett Kavanaugh. It can be accessed by clicking here.

The page was started by a John Hawkins.  He writes the following:
Like many decent people from both parties, I have been disgusted by the unsubstantiated 36 year old smears aimed at Brett Kavanaugh. We live in a country where innocent until proven guilty is supposed to mean something; yet Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation is being dragged through the mud while his family is facing non-stop death threats.

This is a horrible way to treat a good man who has dedicated his life to public service. So many unethical people are giving unprovable 36 year old accusations the same weight as 6 FBI background checks, hundreds of hours of hearings and testimony under oath. It is disgraceful.

What I’d like to do is raise money for Brett Kavanaugh’s family to use for security or however they see fit. All of the money collected will go to Brett Kavanaugh’s family or alternately, if they refuse to accept it, to a charity of their choice. I have already reached out to a contact who should be able to put me in touch with Brett Kavanaugh’s family. If he can’t do it, I have plenty of other contacts who should be able to make it happen. I will update this page after I have talked with his family.

I hope you will show your support for a good man who has been treated very, very badly.

Update: I have heard some people say that Brett Kavanaugh is rich and so his family doesn’t need the money. That’s actually not correct. According to Market Watch, “Brett Kavanaugh may become the ‘poorest’ Supreme Court justice .”

Update #2: Some people have asked who I am and how they know that the Kavanaugh family will get the money. My name is John Hawkins. You can read about me here on Right Wing News. My identity has been verified by both Twitter  and Facebook.  I do weekly columns at PJ Media and have a book out. I am not someone who can fade into the background, so when I tell you that the Kavanaugh family will decide what happens to the money, that is what will happen.  I have also been in regular contact with a representative of GoFundMe. All funds will be held by GoFundMe until the family has been contacted and a clear plan has been agreed upon.

Update #3: I’ve reached out to Kavanaugh’s family through three different people and I also called his office and spoke to a secretary about this today. I will let everyone know after I have gotten in touch with them.

Update #4: I have a well connected contact who says he can get me in touch with Kavanaugh’s team. When I have guidance from Kavanaugh’s family, I will update. Also, congrats on taking this fund raiser over $50,000 while Judge Kavanaugh was giving his powerful testimony during the hearing. I’m proud of the success we’ve had and the support we’ve shown for the judge’s family.

Update #5: I have continued reaching out to the judge’s family through different sources, but haven’t yet had any luck reaching them. It has occurred to me that they may not want to be reached until after the judge’s confirmation vote, which would be very understandable. In any case, I will continue reaching out to the judge’s family until I get an answer from them. Last but not least, with everything Judge Kavanaugh is being put through, it is fantastic to see so many people publicly showing their support for his family.

Update #6: The original goal was $100,000. I upped that to $125,000 and then $150,000. After that, I went up to $250,000 and it looks like we’re about to blow past that number as well. It is amazing to see so many good people supporting the family of a good man who has been treated so poorly and I am sure they will be very excited when they see all the support that they’ve gotten.

Update #7: I have continued reaching out to Brett Kavanaugh’s family via multiple sources including his office and his lawyer, Beth Wilkinson. I have yet to hear back. As I noted earlier, he may just have too much going on right now to deal with this and we may not get an answer until after the vote. I have also consulted with a lawyer about whether his family has the option of taking this money. The first one told me that he did have that option, but we did not end up working together because his fee was way out of my price range. So, I have reached out to another campaign finance lawyer recommended by a friend and am waiting for a 2nd opinion. If there are any lawyer fees, those fees will come out of my pocket, not out of the fund. All of the money provided by GoFundMe will go to the Kavanaugh family or a charity of their choice. When I know more, I will make sure to update the page. Additionally, if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, you can reach me at rightwingnews -at- or on Twitter .

Update #8: Unfortunately, in the last day there have been a lot of horrible human beings smearing the judge and saying grotesque things in the comments. I don’t want his family exposed to that and realistically, since I am the only person with access to the account, I cannot effectively moderate it 24×7. Also, after discussing this issue with GoFundMe, I was told that there is no option to allow only people that have donated to comment. With that in mind, I will have to turn the comments off. I hate to do that, but it seems like the best option. On the upside, GoFundMe did tell me that they can, “provide a spreadsheet of all the comments actual donors left before this point should they want to read those that are supportive. ” So, if you want to leave a private comment, the judge’s family will still see it.

Update #9: I have now talked to a staffer for the judge who has told me that they are aware of the GoFundMe. She was extremely appreciative of all the support people have been giving the judge, but did also say, quite understandably, that it may be a little while before we get an answer on this with everything that’s going on. I told her that was absolutely fine and that the money would be here when they’re ready to decide how to handle it, which I assume will be after the vote.

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  1. Hang in there Kavanaugh family! There are thousands of people who know why this is being done to you! The democrats play really dirty politics! The majority of us Americans are sorry for what they are doing to your family! Karma will take care of the liars! God Bless All of your family‼️‼️💞

  2. I have never seen this kind of corruption in my life. The treatment of this man and his family is a total disgrace from the media, government and women that won’t tolerate listening to his statements with an open mind. This is not the behavior of America. We believe you are innocent until proven guilty. Everyone was and still is ready to hang this man just because he believes in family values, hard work, the lord and the justice for all. Everyone said he was beyond angry and his statements proved this. Well, I ask you would you do anything for your family? Would you protect them from vicious accusations that can harm them? All these women coming out and attacking this good man hasn’t even considered the consequences for his girls. But who cares about them, because they don’t support your narrative. Last word : this is the right man for the Supreme Court seat. Hard working, caring, truthful, great parent and husband, great friend, honorable to the core, fair in his decisions. It’s time for Brett Kavanaugh to be seated on the Supreme Court. I believe this is the right man and I stand behind him.

  3. I believe that Brett will be cleared and his good name will remain great. I am so sorry they had to go through this and the persons involved in this should surly pay for what they did. God knows what and who these people are and they will be judged one day. I hope to see you on the high court as I believe you are a honest man. Thank you for your service.

  4. I am so sorry this man and his family is going thru this. I’m sure he will be cleared
    And will be on the bench very soon. I wish we as Americans can clean house and remove the corruption that had been going on for so long. Please vote in Nov. so our Republicans work for the American people as our a president has. Even doing. They all should be investigated.

  5. I don’t normally like these accounts and have never contributed to one but this may be the first. The way this man had been treated is criminal.

  6. I am praying for the entire Kavanaugh family 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    I am so sorry that you have had to deal with the worst kind of cruelty imagined.
    Hoping, with God’s help, to see you on the bench as a Supreme Court judge!

  7. God is great! You will be officially confirmed later today! My husband and I contributed and have been praying for you and your family 24X7!


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