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U.S. National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger is doubling down on the theory that COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese government-run lab in Wuhan.

Pottinger, a staunch critic of Beijing, allegedly made the claim in a recent Zoom meeting with British officials.

The article goes on to state the following:

“There is a growing body of evidence that the lab is likely the most credible source of the virus,” Pottinger reportedly said, according to the Daily Mail.

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  1. The virus wasn’t leaked, at least not by accident. It was a planned leak to bring the world to its knees while giving the socialist of the world total control over the masses….just think about the stupid masks your wearing, we get the virus from China and just look and see were most of the masks are.made. …..CHINA

    • Should make you wonder why they want everyone to wear them.are these masks made in 2 different batches one clean and the other tainted? Who knows. They’re not good to be wearing all the time like they want you to.

  2. Do you think anyone believes that it was an accident ….. sheeeeet no. They did this purposely. The commie Sobs lied. When does commie SOB xi junping ever tell the truth. He wants the US as his possession. china wants to be the number one world power. This is how they planned to do it, by making us powerless with a virus. They knew it would collapse an economy. No wonder they want a puppet like biden to bow to them, because Trump will not. They will take us over because biden can be controlled. kamala will be there with her knee pads when xi junping says ” kneel kamala, I said kneel, not heal”.

  3. Saw a video of Gates I think dates 2013, basically he said we are overpopulated and something like a virus will be taking care of it soon. Also saw a picture of Obama and Fauci at the Wuhan lab dated 2015, can’t remember if Gates was in it. There are pics on Facebook of Gates and Fauci together smiling walking on a street somewhere. Seems they’ve been pals for some time.

  4. This was done on purpose by the Chinese to ruin our growing economy. The also wanted to ruin the economy of Europe so they would be able to level the playing field.

  5. I always believed it was developed in a lab and meant to target elderly, also felt it was to lessen the male population. This was biological warfare China wanted to use on their citizens, it got out of hand and they didn’t want to disclose it. China should pay for all of the impacts !

  6. In the old days, this would have been an act of war… Even though I don’t trust the count of fatalities from COVID, it is significant nonetheless… The worst part is what it has done to our society and our country… The Dems couldn’t have cheated enough to even come close to beating Trump had it not been for COVID..

  7. Covid was developed in Wuhan Lab..
    Whole world know this.. Covid was made in purpose … the whole world is overpopulated… they decided to demage

  8. This was no “leak” It was deliberately unleashed at the best time to create unrest and chaos and take down the US!

  9. It is so sad the state we are in. My 87 year old mother has been in a nursing home since 2016. She is in the final stages of dementia. I haven’t been able to see her since the lockdown in late February 2020, and last last week she tested positive for COVID. She is asymptomatic. Someone who works at the home obviously brought the virus into the home!!! I am so angry 😡 no words could ever express my frustration. I do acknowledge anybody else who struggles with this insanity.


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