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The UNITED STATES of TENTS is a hard hitting documentary made by Dennis Michael Lynch about the homeless issue in the US.  The documentary was one of the most popular titles on Amazon Prime in late 2019.

In the film, DML takes viewers across the country to visit some of the largest homeless encampments that exist today.  Interviews with homeless people and the organizations that attempt to help them are as heartbreaking as they are hopeful.  In addition to identifying what causes homelessness, DML focuses on the solutions needed.

Take action. Bright light to this topic. Help your fellow Americans by sharing the movie on DVD ahead of the upcoming election.  For every DVD you buy, we ship you an extra for free.

– Buy One DVD, Get One Free. A total of two for just $9.99
– Buy Five DVDs, Get Five Free.  A total of ten for just $35.00
– Buy Ten DVDs, Get Ten Free.  A total of twenty for just $50.00

All shipments are sent USPS ground.  Shipments leave 48-hours following order date.

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  1. Question: I have two United States Of Tents DVD’s. I would like to buy more, but have you send all of them to the White House &/or other appropriate people. Is that possible? And, if so, what do I do? Thank you.
    Andrea Knight
    Team DML


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