How to listen and watch the full DML Podcast

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We have a lot of new members joining TeamDML, and we are receiving questions from people on how they can watch and listen to the full version of The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast, and The Wine and Talk.

Please follow the instructions, and watch the short video below.

1. Download the DML NEWS APP from the Google Play Store for Android phones, and from the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads.  Be sure to turn ALERTS to on.  (You can find the Alerts feature on the INTERACT tab).

2. Each day, when the podcast is published, an alert is sent to all the DML NEWS APP users.

Tab 2 on the DML NEWS APP, aka the PODCASTS tab, is for the free version. This area of the app offers only the abbreviated version of the podcast.

3. If you are NOT a TeamDML member, and you wish to listen to the abbreviated show, which is typically 40-minutes, the free audio podcast is located on the DML NEWS APP’s PODCASTS tab (shown in photo above).  The same podcast is offered on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and iHeart. Periodically, we will offer the video version of the abbreviated podcast.  You can find the video underneath the audio podcast player on The DML NEWS APP, or on Rumble.
If you wish to become a member, it costs $200 per year.  Not cheap by any means, however, you receive the following:

(a) 30% every order for DML CBD products
(b) FREE bottle of DML CBD Miracle Me Pain Relief Body Oil 6.7oz (value $199)
(c) LIVE chat
(d) First position for customer service, new products, and specials
(e) Text messaging for customer service and questions with your account
(f) Ad free news on the DML NEWS APP (notice this article has no ads, it is a very nice experience).
(g) The full version of The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast both audio and video
(h) The Wine and Talk Podcast (not available to non members)
(i) DML Shorts. Each month, on the last day of the month, a new DML Short Documentary is launched. As a member you have exclusive access to view the documentary in real time.  Meaning, the film is aired LIVE.  Chat with DML, Ashley, Ryan and Denny on the LIVE chat box. This starts January 31.

4. If you are a TeamDML member, YOU MUST go to in order to get the full audio and video versions of the podcast, and to engage in the LIVE chat with other members.  To do this, you have two options. (A) From a desktop computer, go directly to, login, and then watch / listen to the full podcast. Or, if you are using a smart phone or tablet, open the DML NEWS APP and click the INTERACT tab. Once logged in, you have total access.  So, when the alert goes off each day, indicating there is a new podcast, just open the DML NEWS APP and click on the Team Memberships link via the INTERACT tab, or go to via a computer.

The video below will help.