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Illegal Immigration Separates Families
Michael W. Cutler, Senior Special Agent, INS (Ret.)

Globalists and immigration anarchists blame Trump’s immigration policies for “family separation” and the mainstream media, following the dicta, “If it bleeds it leads” eagerly propagate this insidious lie. Similarly the mainstream media declares advocates for secure borders and effective but fair immigration law enforcement are being “Anti-immigrant” while advocates for immigration anarchy are lauded as being “Pro-immigrant.”

America’s immigration laws were enacted to protect America and Americans from existential threats and to protect the jobs and wages of American workers. Those laws are completely blind as to race, religion and/or ethnicity of aliens. A section of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S. Code § 1182 (Inadmissible aliens) enumerates the grounds by which foreign nationals are to be excluded from the United States.

However the immigration laws not only seek to exclude aliens whose presence would be harmful to the United States, but also provide a lawful means by which tens of millions of aliens enter the U.S. annually as nonimmigrant (temporary) visitors and while roughly one million foreigners are granted lawful immigrant status, placing them on the pathway to U.S. citizenship.

These laws provide balance to the immigration system. This simple fact is ignored by globalists and their friends in the mainstream media.

As for the issue of “separation of families,” families are willfully separated when a member of a foreign family enters the United States without his/her family. Illegal aliens enter the United States without inspection because they know that they belong to one or more categories of aliens who are inadmissible. They may have a criminal history, were previously deported or are members of criminal or terrorist organizations. It may also be because they have no means to support themselves in the United States and want to seek illegal employment.

Aliens who enter the United States without inspection evade the vetting process that is similar to the process conducted by TSA personnel at airports. This creates a clear and immediate threat to public safety and national security. Such aliens are subject to arrest and deportation (removal) from the United States.

However, the Flores Decision mandates that illegal alien families with minor children cannot be kept in custody for more than 20 days. This means that aliens who are caught with their children have a sort of “get out of jail card.”

In point of fact, on May 19, 2019 Epoch Times reported, 30 Percent of Illegal Aliens Suspected of Faking Family Ties Were Unrelated, DNA Tests Show

My recent article, Alien Smugglers Exploit Infants, focused on one particularly horrific case where the Border Patrol apprehended a previously deported 51 year old alien from Honduras who was found to be carrying a 6 month old infant. He initially claimed to be the child’s father, but eventually confessed that he had no relationship to the baby.

It is likely that not only are children being “rented” to aliens seeking entry but may well be kidnapped by ruthless human trafficking cartels and used repeatedly by numerous aliens all claiming to be related to these hapless children.

God knows how such children may ultimately be reunited with their actual families.

This crisis and these inhumane crimes would swiftly end if our borders were secured and our immigration laws were effectively enforced throughout the United States.

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