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Joe Biden has posted statements on Twitter Thursday, after Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced a change in mask mandates in a virtual briefing.

The CDC declared that fully vaccinated people now no longer need to wear masks while indoors or outdoors, nor worry about physical distancing in either large or small gatherings.

Although the CDC does still recommend that fully vaccinated people continue to wear masks while in crowded indoor settings or riding on public transportation.

Biden declared in a Twitter post, “The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours.”

Biden also shared a video message on Twitter from the Oval Office, and announced, “Folks, if you’re fully vaccinated — you no longer need to wear a mask.”

If you’re not vaccinated yet — go to to find a shot, and mask up until you’re fully vaccinated,” he commanded.

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  1. I have news for Biden, I do not plan to get the shot and I have never stopped being with friends and family or worn a mask unless I have gone some place that required it. And then I pull it off my nose because I can’t breath with it on. Fortunately I live in an area where it has never been mandatory.

  2. Fuk this ass clown. He is literally discriminating against people that don’t want that death serum in their body. He can go to hell and hopefully very soon.

    Americans are free to wear masks or not wear masks and get the vaccine or not get the vaccine. No person is different than any other. It’s all about a choice. Aren’t the Dems pro-choice???? Why not this one.

    ⬆️ Is not wearing a stupid mask or getting the experimental death serum. Fuk off old man.

  3. That isn’t a choice. “F” that BS. My body, my choice! I will not get the vaccine. I will mask up
    in a store when required, but not outdoors. What? Are we going to be arrested and thrown in jail? Sounds like a dictatorship. Getting very scary. This is America!!

  4. I bet you everything I own, he never got the jab, it was all saline knowing fully well the side effects.
    So kiss my a.s Joey boy. Stick the jab up yours🖕

  5. How is he going to know if you are vaccinated or NOT. None of his business or anyone else’s~. HIPPA, I don’t have to tell anyone~

  6. Choice is mine I won’t get vaccinated or wear a mask. You are discriminating and going against the hippa rules. My health information is my business and no one else’s. You or anyone else is not allowed to give that information out with out my permission.

  7. i ain’t getting the vaccine and i ain’t wearing a mask ! screw you china joe! i live on a state where masks are not required!

  8. Fuck you Joe Biden, I’ll kill anyone who forces me to take that vaccine. You will not impose on my freedom. Give me liberty or give me death!

  9. Hey Pres Magoo, you can kiss my Lilly white ass. Not getting a vaccine and no longer wearing a mask. If the vaccine is so great then you will be protected from those of us who choose not to vaccinate. I’m not afraid of this virus. I’m living my life.

  10. F1uck Joe Biden. If you force me to wear a mask, you’re gonna be sorry. Give me liberty or give me death!

  11. Your a fraud!!!You was not voted in as president you stole it.Nobody has to listen to a word you say.Why does it matter if you was vaccinated or not?either way you can still get covid.Somebody tell me why it matters.I got covid my antibodies is better than your shot!!!!

  12. No vaccine for me! Sooner or later everyone is going to realize that this has been about controlling us! Not protecting us.

    • For Sure-Big World Reset- Wake up you stupid people.- You only hear what they tell you on news.
      Start looking and reading elsewhere.

  13. F U fake POS, people that have done the research have never worn a mask, and we sure as hell are not getting their spiked proteins injected into us either.

  14. Neither for me!!!! Sad the sheep will do whatever their master (Biden) says. Fauci is saying now if you stick your thumb up your a** and hop on one foot this will protect you from the virus.

  15. He “commanded”???? So the President has “commanded” us all to get the vaccines??? That is more than hilarious! He may be the “Commander-In-Chief,” but his command for me to put an elective needle of God knows what (including parts of aborted fetuses?????) in my arm won’t ever happen. NEVER. OH. I almost failed to mention how Bill Gates thinks the planet needs how many millions less people, we are so overpopulated? I wonder how many young women and teens will end up unable to have kids due to these shots? YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHAT PEOPLE WILL DO.


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