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In the video below, DMLNews founder and documentarian Dennis Michael Lynch gives an impassioned plea to Americans, asking them to learn and share the TRUTH about homelessness in America.

His comments come after an interview that aired Monday night between President Donald J. Trump and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, ending with a discussion about the “filth” that accompanies homelessness in some U.S. cities.

DML said Trump’s answers “left some viewers and TeamDML members very confused.”

In a poll on DML News App today, we asked, “How do you rate Trump’s answer about homelessness in America?” Most people (47.58%) felt his answers were “terrible.”

DML asks that American patriots take advantage of a great new offer that will get his new film, “United States of Tents,” into Trump’s hands so that he can get an in-depth look at the issue.

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DML also made a new offer for people who want to join TeamDML, available thru July 4, 2019. WATCH!

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