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Twitter announced the roll-out of a “crisis misinformation policy” which will seek to suppress posts the company deems “viral misinformation.”

The social media platform announced the policy Thursday with an official blog post. The feature would allow Twitter representatives to censor or handicap posts they determine to be misleading or false. The company claimed that the suppression tools will only be used in the case of a “humanitarian crisis.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“Today, we’re introducing our crisis misinformation policy – a global policy that will guide our efforts to elevate credible, authoritative information, and will help to ensure viral misinformation isn’t amplified or recommended by us during crises. In times of crisis, misleading information can undermine public trust and cause further harm to already vulnerable communities.”

Twitter said, “For the purposes of this policy, we define crises as situations in which there is a widespread threat to life, physical safety, health, or basic subsistence. This definition is consistent with the United Nations’ definition of a humanitarian crisis and other humanitarian assessments.”

The company explained, “To reduce potential harm, as soon as we have evidence that a claim may be misleading, we won’t amplify or recommend content that is covered by this policy across Twitter – including in the Home timeline, Search, and Explore. In addition, we will prioritize adding warning notices to highly visible Tweets and Tweets from high profile accounts, such as state-affiliated media accounts, verified, official government accounts.”

Head of Safety & Integrity at Twitter, Yoel Roth tweeted Thursday, “We’re focused on ensuring people have access to credible information when it matters most. Today, we’re introducing a new Crisis Misinformation Policy to help protect the conversation on Twitter, starting with a focus on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Especially during moments of crisis, misleading claims can go viral while the truth is still asleep. To help address these dynamics, we won’t amplify or recommend potentially misleading content about crises, as soon as we find credible evidence a claim may be misleading.”

“For harmful misleading claims that have been debunked by multiple authoritative sources, we’ll prioritize placing them behind a prominent warning message. Our approach to mitigating the effects of harmful misinformation continues to move beyond the leave-up/take-down binary of moderation. We’ve seen that not amplifying harmful content can reduce its spread by 30-50%. We’ll continue to invest in these interventions going forward.”

Social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted, “Twitter has launched a ‘crisis misinformation policy’ to slow down viral tweets. Tweets violating the policy will be put behind a warning that looks like this.”

Tom Fitton wrote, “In a brazen show of contempt for @ElonMusk‘s free speech agenda, ‘commie’ @Twitter announces new policy to censor, vandalize and suppress user tweets.”

Stephen Miller tweeted, “Twitter is going to start labeling misinformation on things that go against the official government position on topics such as war. It’s a good thing that’s never backfired before.”

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  1. They’ll have to censor everything liberals post! They won’t tho. It’ll be the information that conservatives post that they *brand+ as misinformation so no one can see it. I hope it goes through with musk and he fires *every* one of these losers.

  2. Will they be censoring the promotion of Covid vaccines and booster shots because of the harm they cause? They should if their goal is to, “To reduce potential harm”.

  3. Well, when I thought Musk would take over. I joined Twitter which I never used before. Now obviously the won’t change their ways, so out I go. F THE TWIT.

  4. So when Elon takes over can he not reverse this? If not bye bye to conservatives again cause you know who they continually go after. Personally I hope when he gets it he’d fire everyone that works there and start over. 🐷🐷🐷🐷

  5. In view of his inflammatory remarks threatening to impose by force a non-COVID-related quarantine on the progressive and mostly peaceful Latinx island of Cuba, Twitter has concluded that it has no other responsible course but to suspend Pres. Kennedy’s Twitter account @realjackkennedy permanently.

  6. So it’s usual. Whatever they don’t like they’ll censor. Are they ever gonna censor Brandon’s 20 million followers?

  7. “ not amplifying harmful content can reduce its spread by 30-50%”. Isn’t that what the mainstream media does everyday? 😂

  8. So Biden’s Disinformation Board didn’t work so Twitter is stepping up to replace it. Why am I not surprised?

  9. Musk won’t purchase Twitter unless its under his conditions, and apparently Twitter representatives are not prepared to do that. Musk needs to start his own brand of social media so that truth can be not be censored by Demonrat ideology. F Teitter.

  10. Comes at the same time that the ministry of truth is put on hold and W.H.O is to take over control of the health, safety and anything they decide falls in their purview, which right now is EVERYTHING and have said that they will be the authority on what is and isn’t dis/misinformation!

    The first known step in this administration attempting to push our country into a global socialist entity.


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