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Howard Stern is less than thrilled about his possible summer job.

The controversial radio personality may have let slip that he could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a “Doctor Doom” movie.

The article goes on to state the following:

During the commercials of his Sirius XM show on Thursday, the 68-year-old left his microphone on while he talked with producer Gary Dell’Abate about possible guests to book for the show.

After telling the producer that his producer that he’ll have less time to talk over the summer, his co-host, Robin Quivers, asked about his plans, he reportedly said, “They’re going over the schedule with me, and it’s going to suck.”

“I told you, I’m going to do Doctor Doom,” he added. “But believe me, I’m f***ing miserable about it.”


VIDEO: Howard Stern chooses his potential presidential running mate

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  1. Nowadays there’s nothing accidental about leaked info. Its let out of the bag for a purpose. It doesn’t have to be factual or true, it just has to be believable to set their schemes into motion.

  2. Don’t worry. He is not running for president. His presidential announcement was to promote his movie. Look at his VP choice and see if he is connected to Stern’s movie. That will be even more telling

  3. Don’t care what this idiot does. In my book, celebrities can go to hell. There are acception, those who woke up to what’s REALLY going on in the WH and doesn’t lie and cover it up!


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