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Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen took a swipe at former President Donald Trump in a Twitter post Wednesday evening.

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in 2018 after pleading guilty to multiple charges, including campaign finance fraud and lying to Congress. Last year, Cohen was allowed to serve the remainder of his time in home confinement, as a result of a prisoner release program due to coronavirus outbreak in prisons.

Cohen has been meeting with New York prosecutors who have been probing into the Trump organization, and has repeatedly declared that Donald Trump is going to jail.

On Wednesday he posted a photo of Trump taken during his time as president, with the odd caption, “I’m Cohen to Prison.”

Along with the photo, Cohen tweeted defiantly, “As of today, 4 months remaining until I am done with the #BureauOfPrison. As my sentence comes to an end, others will just be beginning! #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw.”

Cohen also pounced on a CNBC report on Tuesday which announced that Thomas Barrack, a private equity investor who was chairman of Trump’s 2017 inaugural fund, was arrested Tuesday morning in Los Angeles on federal charges of illegally lobbying Trump on behalf of the United Arab Emirates.

“One by one the truth comes out! Trump friend Tom Barrack arrested on UAE lobbying charges,” Cohen cheered.

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  1. What a moronic attorney! And just consider how clean Trump must be. He is running a multi-billion dollar organization, employing thousands of workers, raising tens of millions of dollars in political donations, etc., and yet, despite years of partisan witch hunts, rigged FBI investigations, and even his own attorney out to ruin him, still Trump is untouched. Truly the hand of God must be on this man!

  2. Cohen is just pissed because he is a crook and Trump is not!! Criminals hate good , honest people because they themselves can’t come close to being 1/4 as good a person!!


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