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Written by DML
On Black Friday, I offered you the opportunity to save $125 on three (3) bottles of DML PURE CBD 900mg softgels, plus one bottle of MIRACLE ME.  I also tossed in a free TeamDML visor or hat.  It was the best sales day we ever had.  Today, I am giving 3 amazing offers that even President Trump would declare great deals.  I am hoping you agree.  I am hoping these deals will make you feel great again like I do.

Two years ago I could barely operate without massive pain.  Now I can now run, swim, and lift objects I once couldn’t lift — my pain is gone.  The photo below was taken this morning during my morning workout.  My DML PURE CBD gives me the full body experience of feeling great again, and the MIRACLE ME CBD pain relief body oil goes on all the muscles after the workout, and then I apply it again on my neck and back after a long day on the computer editing and doing the news.  The pain is gone.

DEAL #1.  Save $150
– Two (2) bottles of DML PURE CBD 900 softgels (normally sells for $170), plus
– One (1) bottle of 16oz MIRACLE ME (normally sells for $350), plus
– One FREE DVD of my film They Come to America 4 (normally sells for $20), plus
– One FREE DVD of my film United States of Tents (normally sells for $20), plus
– Ten (10) I SUPPORT TRUMP bumper stickers (normally sells for $20).
Buy today, you get all of it for JUST $430.  (save $150)

DEAL #2. Save $24
Buy two (2) bottles of DML PURE PET and get a third bottle free.
Buy today and you pay JUST $51.98 (save $24)


DEAL #3. Save $301
– Two (2) bottles of 16 oz MIRACLE ME (normally $700), plus
– FREE: 1 Year Premium Membership to starting Jan. 1 (normally $200)
Today for JUST $599 (save $301)

*You may transfer this TeamDML membership to someone you know if you are already a member.  Either way, whether buying this for someone else or yourself, we will contact you via email for the name to be listed as a new member to have full access to starting January 1.

Select your deal from the drop down below by selecting Deal 1, Deal 2, or Deal 3.

Cyber Monday Deal

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