(Commenting on)  Morning Briefing 11/20: Bill Gates hires A.I. admirer; New all-time low for Joe in the polls



  1. I am optimistic about this guy! I’ve already seen how a few Venezuelans go back since life here was not all that they had hoped. So I am hoping more will want to go back. It looks very promising for them.

  2. When they say all time low, I am expecting something in the teens or twenties. The other day there was a poll that said all time low that was 37%. Seems to me that is lower than 40%.

  3. We’re fighting against the people in America trying to turn us communist that’s why all this stuff is happening at an alarming rate it’s evil.

  4. I believe the tide is turning against socialism as seen by the response in Argentina and we are next! We, like them, are sick and tired of having everything taken away from us. God hears our cry and our prayers!


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