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Today is August 12 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1-Trump tweets radical left video
The Democrats are happy. Joe Biden has chosen a black female to run as his VP candidate against President Trump and Vice President Pence. Her name is Kamala Harris, and according to Trump she is part of the radical left.

Shortly after the announcement was made that Senator Kamala Harris was the running mate of Joe Biden, Trump tweeted a video highlighting Harris and Biden, and it was anything but nice.

The video paints the sitting senator as a “phony.” The ad immediately invoked the words “radical left” and tied Harris to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare-for-All” plan. It then accused her of seeking “trillions in new taxes” while simultaneously attacking Biden for “racist policies.”

The running mates are expected to appear for their first event on Wednesday, which will serve as an indicator as to whether the two of them can embrace these progressive positions together or if they will try to backtrack toward the center-left, in anticipation of the general election.

Here is the video ad tweeted by Trump:

DML: Never a more truer video.

2-Radicals in Portland target homes outside the city
Portland’s top newspaper reported Tuesday that after weeks of unrest in the city’s downtown, the “main action” appears to have shifted to neighborhoods just outside the city, prompting residents to post their concerns on various Internet forums.

The Oregonian reported that protests in the city are approaching their 80th consecutive night and residents are taking to online platforms like Reddit to post their growing safety concerns.

One poster who apparently lives in the Kenton neighborhood, wrote, “Lots of people worked hard to make our little neighborhood pleasant and to help local businesses stay open. Now it’s trashed. This was not a BLM [Black Lives Matter] protest, this was a tantrum by a bunch of entitled kids.”

DML: The “poster” who wrote “this was not a BLM protest,” is dead wrong and heavily in denial.  Thus, she or he is getting what they deserve.  Meaning, until you address the enemy, you cannot fight the enemy.  Everything you see happening in the cities of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, etc, is a direct result of Black Lives Matter.

3- NJ government cracks down on defiant gym owners

A New Jersey gym had its license rescinded during a town vote on Tuesday, ending a long-running saga that saw its owners repeatedly defy a state order to remain closed during the coronavirus pandemic, according to multiple reports.

The Bellmawr council in Camden County voted 5 to 1 to rescind the mercantile license of Atilis Gym following an hourlong hearing that featured arguments from lawyers on both sides, according to The decision came amid a monthslong standoff between the gym’s owners and Gov. Phil Murphy over the importance of limiting the spread of the virus or the livelihood of local businesses.

“In a clear political move, the all democrat town council followed their orders from Gov. Murphy to revoke our business license,” said Ian Smith, one of the gym’s owners on Instagram following the hearing. “Zero evidence was put forth to support the claim that @atilisgymbellmawr poses any threat to the public.”

DML: This Murphy fella who is running the state of NJ is a total scumbag.  It is outrageous and unforgivable for these gym owners to be pushed out of business.  I hope the people of NJ wake the hell up in the next election.  But don’t hold your breath, I know I won’t.

4- Radical Muslim lawmaker Omar prevails in her primary
Rep. Ilhan Omar on Tuesday defeated her Democratic primary challenger, attorney Antone Melton-Meaux, who garnered attention for outraising her during the campaign, the Associated Press projected.

The race has gotten attention in recent weeks: Melton-Meaux said he supported Omar’s first run for Congress in 2018 but criticized her for the number of votes she’s missed.

“She has been ineffective in Washington because she is divisive, and she’s focused on her celebrity,” Melton-Meaux told The Associated Press. As a member of the four-woman progressive “Squad” in Congress, Omar was elected as one of the first Muslim American women in Congress, along with Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. Her outspoken criticism of President Trump and advocacy for far-left ideas have gained national attention, and the attention surrounding the Somali born progressive lawmaker – and her Twitter feed – have made her a target of Republicans and even some fellow Democrats.

DML: Lets be honest, she’s a lying piece of crap that gives immigrants a bad name.  She is an adulterer that plays the race card and can’t be trusted by anyone, not even the Muslims who voted for her.  Consider this, how does Islam, Allah and the Koran view bimbos who sleep around and lie?  I would invite you to ask the question to a Muslim woman who lives in the Middle East, but odds are you won’t find any… they’ve either been killed or had their tongue removed.

5- Illegals to get COVID money
Seattle residents and Washingtonians applied for relief funds as the coronavirus pandemic diminished their incomes and savings. But for the state’s undocumented workers, that wasn’t an option.

After months of pressure from immigration activists and organizations, Gov. Jay Inslee is launching a $40 million state fund for undocumented workers, the Northwest News Network reported.

“We’re excited to have a good chunk of money allocated to our community,” says Alejandra Perez, an immigration activist from the Seattle area who’s been working with the governor’s staff, “Even though our (original) ask was $100 million.”

DML: Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.  The governor of Washington will shun the police and stand back doing nothing as the police get defunded, and in the process he leaves the residents of cities in his state unprotected.  Think about what kind of leader won’t protect the people of Seattle from Black Lives Matter looters and criminals, but is more than willing to give taxpayer money over to lawbreaking, illegal aliens from only God knows where.  Elections have consequences, and the people of Washington have nobody to blame but themselves.  If I was president, I would arrest the governor for violating the federal laws regarding the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens.

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  1. One encouraging thing about Kamala is that I know a hardened Liberal Gay man said yesterday, the Democrats have gone too far and he will be voting for Trump after the announcement of Biden’s running mate. I have no doubt many more like him will make the same decision to vote against Biden/Harris.

  2. I got my 3 jars of Gummies which I ordered when I was supposed get 3 more jars & the mini sprays but all I got was my 3 gummies. I was very disappointed.

  3. Omar , what she doesn’t realize is Americans , not her muslim followers , HATE her to the nth degree . She keeps up her BS and she’ll likely not see the next election cycle or her next hatch day .

  4. Sorry can not open the video. Recently have noticed that many of the videos shared here and on YouTube I am not able to access when prior there was no issue. Could be something on my end but sure seems suspect.

  5. I cannot open this video either.
    Also I have experienced other videos I
    have not been able to open but have
    not commented!
    P.S. Your walk and talks are the best!


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