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Today is August 7 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1- Trump boat parade set to launch Friday
SOUTHAMPTON, NY — A flurry of activity at Southampton High School Wednesday seemed to be an indication of preparations for President Donald Trump’s fundraising visit to the Hamptons this week, as a number of United States Marine Corps helicopters were seen landing at the field.

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman said he believed the helicopters — at least five were visible in a video — were participating in a “practice run” for Trump’s arrival.

For the second time this summer, a “TrumpStock” boat parade will be held on local waters, this time on the East End. A flotilla will head from Orient Point to Montauk on Friday, one day before political fundraising events in the Hamptons for the president.

Thousands of boats are expected at TrumpStock, with at least 15,000 attending on the water and thousands on land.

DML: I will be there today! Look for a LIVE FACEBOOK video.

2- Pelosi suggests PBS reporter advocates for GOP
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., had a bitter exchange with “PBS NewsHour” anchor Judy Woodruff Tuesday over the ongoing stalemate on Capitol Hill between lawmakers negotiating a so-called “Phase 4” coronavirus aid bill.

At one point in their interview, Woodruff asked Pelosi about the “flexibility” GOP lawmakers are showing in terms of allocating more money for state and local governments, as well as Republican arguments that “much of the money” allocated in the CARES Act “has not even been spent yet.”

That didn’t sit well with Pelosi. “Well, if you want to be an advocate for them, Judy, if you want to be an advocate for them, listen to what the facts are,” the speaker scolded the veteran anchor.

“I’m playing devil’s advocate here,” Woodruff responded.

DML: This response is not very professional of me, but dang it we are talking about the wicked witch of the west here…  Is Nancy’s face the sort of face only a plastic surgeon can love?  I say yes.  If they could botox her mouth shut one of these days, many people like me would be thankful.

3-Man arrested for spitting in child’s face over mask wearing
A Florida man is facing charges after he allegedly spat on a child wearing a mask in a restaurant on Sunday and told him, “You now have coronavirus,” police said.

Police arrested Jason Copenhaver, 47, and charged him with battery and disorderly conduct in connection with the incident, WTVT reported. Both misdemeanor charges come after he allegedly spat on a child at Ricky T’s restaurant in Treasure Island, Florida.

Police say the man was intoxicated when he asked the child to take off his mask and shake his hand. The boy reportedly turned him down.

In response, Copenhaver allegedly grabbed the boy, got in his face, spat on him, and then told him, “You now have the coronavirus.”

DML: This guy is a wimp.  And if he goes to jail, the inmates will have a field day with him.

4-TikTok threatens Trump with legal action
TikTok threatened legal action against an executive order issued by President Donald Trump that would ban the Chinese social media app from doing business with U.S. firms.

The app has been at the center of an escalating technology war between the U.S. and China. Washington had already threatened to ban TikTok in the U.S. due to national security concerns.

It said the app could allow Beijing to spy on U.S. government employees and contractors, collect personal data for blackmail, conduct corporate espionage and be used for “disinformation campaigns” that benefit the Chinese government.

TikTok has denied the allegations, and Beijing has opposed the executive orders, saying it will defend the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese businesses.

DML: Mr President, Ban this piece of sh*t app once and for all.

5- Poll shows 35% of Americans will not get the vaccine for COVID
Thirty-five percent of Americans say that they would not get a free, FDA-approved vaccine for COVID-19 according to a new Gallup poll.

The poll, released Friday, found that 65 percent of survey respondents said that they would get such a vaccine if it was “available right now.”

Respondents’ willingness to receive a vaccine also broke along party lines political parties, with 81 percent of those who identified as Democrats saying that they would get an FDA-approved vaccine at no cost and 19 percent saying they would not. Among independents, 59 percent said yes and 41 percent said no.

DML: Vaccine?  Not me. In fact, it will be a cold day in Hell before I get the vaccine.  I would rather register as a Democrat, wear a mask, and march with Black Lives Matter before I allowed Dr. Fauci and his lab rats to tell me I’m taking the Bill Gates placebo.  Instead, I will focus on what real doctors say, which is, boost the immune system.

DML PARTING WORDS:  Today on the water should be exciting.  America needs a boost!  The parade of boats with Trump flags waving will provide the emotional boost required for this election.  People need to get revved up to beat Biden.  I will film this event from the water, so I will try to convey the boost your way.   With this in mind, I can supply another boost, the sort of boost that lasts more than a boat ride.  The boost you really want is the one that goes to the immune system.  While the so-called experts want to avoid the subject, I do not.  Washington University of St Louis is conducting research at this very minute to determine how the immune system can be the best defense in these troubled times.  I’ve known this for two years because I am living proof. I’ve been screaming it from the rooftop this year, but I’m not a TV doctor or rat researcher that aligns with the gloom and doom Democrats so my message is often muted by the social media gods.  While I have your attention, please listen to me… DML CBD has provided me, and thousands of other people, with a great boost to the immune system.  Therefore, in doing my part, right now, in an attempt to help my fellow Americans when money is tight and the economy is struggling to get through the shutdowns, I am shipping more free DML CBD than I am selling.  More than one thousand people have taken advantage of this free offer since we launched it a few days ago.  Do not wait, when supplies run low the offer ends.  For the greatest CBD on the planet, and to get your free items with purchase, go now to  Check out these testimonials:

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  1. Nancy is so intolerant, she couldn’t even handle a simple question regarding what The republicans are claiming. This is disturbing. Does she want an interview with a golden spoon?

  2. According to some of the information I have read, the chance of a vaccine actually working long term is slight. People who have had covid and recovered, may not have immunity to catching it again. This may be like the cold, where there is no bullet. Or perhaps like the flu, where a shot is needed every so often for those at risk. At any rate, keeping the country shut down and schools closed is absurd.

  3. There was nothing tick-tock can do because the president is the president of the United States and he can do what is legally within his limits and that is one of them. Bye-bye tick-tock

  4. Thank you DML, I agree with your comments especially the one about Nancy! I have been using the DML CBD products since January and haven’t been sick since before that. Thank you for all the great deals!

  5. If the world population is 7.8 billion and we have ~340 million people and maybe equal in the European countries that have been hit with COVID, then how is it that we each have 25% (over 50% total) of the deaths worldwide. It is just surprising – my friends in China believe it is b/c their government is strong and was quick to tell people to stay inside and away from others (just odd).


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