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Today is December 9, and here are the stories I am following.

1- Officially calling Naval shooting an act of “terror”
Investigators looking into the deadly attack at a U.S. naval base in Florida said Sunday they’re working under the presumption it was an act of terrorism involving a lone gunman, and that no arrests have been made in connection to the incident — as officials revealed that a Saudi student recorded at least part of the attack on video.

DML: Why this took to so many days to declare this “terrorism” is the reason why we had an attack in the first place! We are asleep at the wheel.

2-DOJ watchdog report to be released 
The Justice Department’s internal watchdog is set to release a highly anticipated report Monday that is expected to document misconduct — including the deliberate falsification of at least one key document — during the investigation into President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

At the same time, the report, as described by people familiar with its findings, is expected to conclude there was an adequate basis for opening one of the most politically sensitive investigations in FBI history. It began in secret during Trump’s 2016 presidential run before then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller ultimately took it over.

The release of Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz’s review will not be the last word on the Russia investigation. A separate internal investigation continues, overseen by Attorney General Bill Barr and led by U.S. Attorney John Durham.

DML: Another waste of taxpayer money.

3-Nunes blasts Schiff 
House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, in a letter exclusively obtained by Fox News, blasted committee Chairman Adam Schiff for what he called an “alarming” and “blatant disregard” for the rules governing the House impeachment inquiry against President Trump, saying Schiff transmitted his investigative findings to the Judiciary Committee for the next phase in the proceedings without consulting him.

In the letter dated Friday, Nunes wrote that Schiff chose not to consult with him so that he could meet a “bogus” deadline for impeaching the president. The GOP congressman also accused the Democrat of having a “vendetta” against the president.

DML: Is it me, or is our Congress stuck in a vat of stupid?  Nothing ever gets done but hearings and letters that lead to nowhere.

4-At least 5 dead after New Zealand volcano erupts
A volcano on a small New Zealand island frequented by tourists erupted Monday, killing at least five and created dangerous conditions that prevented rescuers from accessing the island, authorities said.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said about 100 tourists were on or near White Island when it erupted in the afternoon. It was unclear how many people remained on the island after the eruption. Police said fewer than 50 people were on White Island at the time. Both New Zealand and overseas tourists were among the injured.

DML: A reminder that we as humans have no control over Mother Earth.  In other words, there is no such thing as climate change, and if there is we can’t do anything about it.

5-Jim turns 51 and says thanks
My great friend is a father of 3 who tries to stay active, especially with his youngest kids who are in high school sports programs. But Jim’s body aches often keep him from fully doing what he wants to do.  Neck, leg and back pain hampers his ability to live pain free.  That was until he tried DML PURE and a bottle of MIRACLE ME which I supplied to him as a test.  Today, he turns 51 and the text message I received claims I am getting a great Christmas gift this year because he is feeling great again.  Miracles do happen.

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