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Today is the first day of February, I am Dennis Michael Lynch, and these are the headlines taking shape.  Please give them a look so that you can remain the smartest person in the room.  Then share it on social media.

1-Trump will score a victory
There is no question, Sen. Lamar Alexander said, that President Donald Trump actions were “inappropriate” when he asked Ukraine’s leader to investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden. But not bad enough, he said, to warrant Trump’s removal from office, or even to hear from witnesses or other evidence.That distinction has been embraced by other Republicans as the trial moves toward a near-certain acquittal of the president in the coming days.

DML: Dems are screaming that the cover up is impossible to ignore, and there is no acquittal  because the trial was a sham without witnesses.  This crap will never end.

2-CHINA virus expands
China’s death toll from a new virus rose to 259 on Saturday and a World Health Organization official said other governments need to prepare for“domestic outbreak control” if the disease spreads in their countries.

Beijing criticized Washington’s order barring entry to most foreigners who visited China in the past two weeks.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced similar measures on Saturday, following Japan and Singapore.

DML: Keep the Chinese in China for now, we don’t need this mess!  Trump is also taking steps to quarantine Americans who are coming back from China this weekend…GOOD.

Britain formally left the EU at 11 p.m. local time Friday.

DML: In the end this was all about curbing immigration.  I wish the US would do the same with Mexico and Central America.

4- News for kids with peanut allergies
The first treatment for peanut allergies is about to hit the market, a big step toward better care for all kinds of food allergies — but still a long way from a cure.

Friday’s approval by the Food and Drug Administration promises to bring some relief to families who’ve lived in fear of an accidental bite of peanuts at birthday parties and play dates, school cafeterias and restaurants. Named Palforzia, it was developed by Aimmune Therapeutics.

DML: My child has a peanut allergy, we have to check everything!

5- Ally says she’s back to normal
This is what I received from Ally. “I am a long time supporter even though I never comment on posts or the live videos you do on Facebook.  I buy all your hats and dvds because I support your news and family business.  When you launched the DML CBD brand I was so excited because it would be a two for one ordeal.  I would help my beloved DML and at the same time support my desires to try CBD and rid of my chronic pain.  I read so many of your testimonials. Typically, they explain how a customer of DML CBD has improved in a specific area of their life.  Be it sleep or pain relief of some kind, these customers appear to be so happy now that you offer them a reliable CBD.  I am one of those customer too only I have pain everywhere.  I cannot narrow it down to a single foot or a lower back ailment.  I have pain everywhere! Allow me to restate that sentence… I HAD PAIN everywhere.  Since taking your CBD I have no more pain.  I am back to normal and I am so grateful for you and all that you do.  Please continue to develop new CBD products.  There are so many people out there who need your help.  I can’t wait to vote for you in 2024.”

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