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The day is January 15, I am Dennis Michael Lynch, and these are the stories I am following.

1-Slimey lawyer Avanetti arrested by IRS
According to Fox News, California attorney Michael Avenatti was arrested by IRS agents Tuesday evening during a break in a disciplinary hearing in Los Angeles over allegations that the high-profile lawyer scammed a client out of $840,000. The arrest occurred outside the State Bar Court, where the State Bar of California has initiated proceedings against him. Avenatti is accused of fraud, cheating on his taxes and lying to investigators as federal prosecutors allege that he embezzled funds from clients. The former attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

DML: Apparently, Avenatti was arrested on suspicion of violating his pre-trial release.  In the end, it couldn’t be happening to a more deserving person.  Well, maybe I should take that back. I’d trade him in for Hillary and Obama.

2- China US deal Wednesday
According to the AP, the United States and China are set to take a step toward peace Wednesday. President Donald Trump and China’s chief negotiator, Liu He, are scheduled to sign a modest trade agreement in which the administration will ease some sanctions on China and Beijing will step up its purchases of U.S. farm products and other goods.

DML: I’m not sure if this will help the economy long term, but this should put a boost in all things Wall Street.

3-Sanders clashes with Warren
Fox News writes: The final Democratic presidential debate before the pivotal Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses turned tense Tuesday night, as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren sparred over the disputed reports that Sanders had privately told Warren in December 2018 that a woman could not realistically become president.

Sanders has denied the comments, Warren’s camp says he is lying.  CNN appeared to side with Warren when they directed questions to Warren about the statements “made by Sanders”, versus the “alleged” comments.

Meanwhile, while Warren was trying to kill off her fellow socialist Sanders, the Independent from Vermont had no interest in her.  Sanders instead focused on tarnishing Joe Biden and his support for the Iraq war.

DML: Sanders and Warren have no chance in a general election, Biden will prevail in the end because that’s what the DNC wants.

4-Ted Cruz floats idea of ‘witness reciprocity’ during Trump impeachment trial
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas and a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, pitched the idea of “witness reciprocity” on Tuesday during a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP leaders who convened to discuss strategy for the upcoming impeachment trial that will decide if President Trump is removed from office.

The idea would mean if Democrats call a witness, such as Trump’s former National Security Adviser John Bolton, Republicans would, in turn, be allowed to call a witness. Likely candidates to be subpoenaed by the GOP include former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and the unidentified whistleblower who reported a July phone call between President Trump and the leader of Ukraine.

DML: This is all moot until Nancy hands over the articles of Impeachment, which is like handing over your own political death wish.

5- Wanda is wonderful, because of DML CBD
Wanda sent me an email, here is how it reads in part: “Miracle Me is amazing.  I slathered it on several areas, neck, shoulder/upper arm, and groin area. I can now lift my coffee mug that I place on my table to my left while sitting in my chair. The pain in the upper arm and shoulder were making it difficult to even lift my coffee mug!  I’ve suffered several years with pain in the groin…  This pain also went away so I can stand up easier when getting out of a chair as well as getting out of the car.  This is kind of a big deal because I’ve been struggling to get out of the car without feeling like I’m going to collapse. Pain in these areas have made sleeping difficult in recent months as it’s been next to impossible to find a comfortable position in bed.  I have had other decades old pain in other areas of my body that have been eased considerably by the DML CBD oil and gel caps.”

DML: MIRACLE ME and DML PURE CBD.  The combination of taking the two is life changing for so many people, don’t you think you should be next!  Save $50 today by going to and order the same products Wanda uses.

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