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Today is January 31, I am Dennis Michael Lynch, and the stories below will keep you in the know.  It’s all part of my effort to help you remain the smartest person in the room.

1-Swing-vote Republican comes out against impeachment witnesses
Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., announced late Thursday night that he would not support additional witnesses in President Trump’s “shallow, hurried and wholly partisan” Senate impeachment trial, seemingly ending Democrats’ hopes of hearing testimony from former national security adviser John Bolton and paving the way for the president’s imminent acquittal as soon as Friday night.

DML: The GOP sticking together is more shocking than learning that Obama’s birth certificate was real.  (Read that sentence 10 times and see how you feel.)

2- A tie comes down to Roberts
Republicans have a 53-47 majority in the chamber and can afford up to three defections when the Senate considers whether to call additional witnesses Friday — a question that is considered by a simple majority vote. In the event of a 50-50 tie, by rule, the vote on witnesses would fail in the Senate. Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts is likely to abstain rather than assert his debatable power to cast a tie-breaking vote.

Should the witness vote fail as expected, the Senate would likely then vote on the articles of impeachment Friday night or sometime Saturday. An extraordinarily unlikely two-thirds supermajority vote is needed to convict and remove Trump; otherwise, he will be acquitted.

DML: Roberts voted in favor of Obamacare.

3-State Department, citing coronavirus, raises China travel advisory as WHO declares outbreak a global health emergency
The State Department on Thursday night raised its China travel advisory to “Level 4: Do Not Travel,” citing the spread of the deadly coronavirus, days after evacuating non-emergency U.S. personnel and their families out of the country amid an uptick in infections.

“Those currently in China should consider departing using commercial means. The Department of State has requested that all non-essential U.S. government personnel defer travel to China in light of the novel coronavirus,” officials said in the advisory.

The advisory was upgraded from a Level 3 issued earlier this week that urged Americans to reconsider travel to Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus that officials have since quarantined, along with at least 17 other cities. The World Health Organization on Thursday declared the outbreak a global health emergency after a recent jump in infections, which totaled more than 7,800 as of Thursday. The virus has claimed the lives of at least 213 people in China.

DML: Why does it feel like all bad things are Made in China.

4-Charter company that flew Kobe Bryant in doomed helicopter trip suspends operations
The charter company that owned a helicopter that crashed in Calabasas, Calif., on Sunday, killing all nine onboard, including Kobe Bryant, halted all services Thursday. Island Express Helicopters is “suspending all flight service for operational reasons,” according to multiple reports. Company representatives did not provide further details about the suspension. A message regarding the crash has been posted to the company’s website since Monday, detailing the accident and offering condolences.

DML: There are lawyers right now lining up for massive lawsuits, this story is far from over.

5- Wow! What a great testimonial from Dawn B.
Dear Dennis,
I opened my laptop today and to my disappointment, I saw that I never processed my order for the Buy 3 mini Miracle Me, Get One Free. If you decide to offer that deal again, please count me in! I thought it would be great way to get people to try it and gain feedback, prior to you offering distributorships.

I am happy to report to you that I’m personally having Incredible results with the DML CBD products, as a whole. I’ve been suffering with RA and Sjogren’s Syndrome, for 2 years now. I have became a sort of human guinea pig, Doctor’s experimenting with different biologic immune suppressing drugs, in an effort to halt further crippling damage to my joints and find relief from the daily pain.

I’m finally on a medication that doesn’t cause unbearable side effects, however, I was still dealing with quite a bit of pain. Realizing that this was going to be a way of life for me, I began a slow descent into depression and bitterness. I have always lived an active, healthy, clean life, to avoid having health issues in my “Golden Years”. Only to find myself, 54 years young and crippled in pain. The worst is the pain in my hands, ankles and feet. I have horses that I ride, work 40 hours in an office and I also have a small dog boarding business, which means I am going on daily walks, with dogs on leashes, working my hands, feet and ankles. I was coming to the sad conclusion that I may have to give up my horses and my dog boarding business.

After trying 4 other brands of CBD oils, over the past year, with no noticeable results, I anxiously awaited you to come out with Your product and I thought why not try it? I completely trust your brand and the reviews would be from Team DML members, names I would possibly even recognize. Surely that’s better than random names attached to what could be completely fabricated reviews. So, as a last ditch effort, I took a Leap of Faith, here’s to one more try! I felt like Princess Leia, in Star Wars, “DML, you’re my Only Hope!”

Well, thankfully, you did Not disappoint. I have my Life back! I still have discomfort but That I can handle. My hands are literally pain free, except on days with precipitation. However, the discomfort is nothing compared to the chronic debilitating pain that I was in. We are expecting our first grandchild in February and now I can look forward to holding him, which I feared would not be possible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for All that you do, out of the concern and care for others. You’re my Hero and I’m sure many others feel the same. May God continue to bless your Family and keep you safe. After all, one day you’re going to make us all proud, President Lynch. 🙂

DML: How lucky am I to get these sort of emails.  God bless Dawn and everyone in her life.  Out of respect for her email and request, today ONLY… I am so low on product… I will offer the buy 3 get one free MINI MIRACLE ME CBD.  Go to

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