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Today is July 11 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1- Trump pushes amnesty for DACA
President Trump says he will be signing “a very major immigration bill” within the next month that provides a “road to citizenship” to the roughly 800,000 illegal aliens who are enrolled in former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

During an interview with Telemundo on Friday, Trump said he is working on a comprehensive immigration plan that will allow hundreds of thousands of DACA illegal aliens to remain permanently in the U.S. and eventually obtain American citizenship.

The video speaks for itself:

DML: When Trump kept pushing Dr Fauci to speak at the news briefings so we can hear his swampy voice flip flop time and again, I was pissed.  When Trump kept siding with Dem governors from New York and California but during the outbreak of COVID-19, but then smashed on Republican Gov. Kemp for opening Georgia I was even more pissed. When Trump did nothing but watch the Black Lives Matter crowd burn down police stations, spray paint and rip down statues, and beat the crap out of innocent people I was super beyond pissed. But this DACA amnesty BS, which plays no role in getting him reelected and has no bearing on the issues we face other than making it harder for our kids to get jobs, is totally unforgivable. If he does give amnesty, he loses in November. Conservatives by the millions will not show up to vote.  And by the way, the last time he showed “love for these DACA kids”, who are 26, the result was a surge at the border.  Get ready for your next wave of caravans thanks to your president offering the words of “pathway to citizenship.”

2-Trump gives Roger Stone the gift of freedom
President Donald Trump on Friday commuted the 40-month prison sentence of seasoned Republican operative Roger Stone just days before his term was scheduled to commence, the White House announced.

Stone confirmed to the Associated Press that President Trump called to say that he would commute his sentence that was part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into now-debunked collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia. The Associated Press added: “Stone was celebrating in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with conservative friends and said he had to change rooms because there were “too many people opening bottles of Champagne here.”

DML: Sorry. I can’t get anything to come from my fingertips on this.  Having a hard time getting myself over the DACA amnesty video.  Stone does nothing to improve or hurt our life, DACA on the other hand….

3-Couple has gun taken by cops
Authorities in St. Louis executed a search warrant Friday evening at the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who made headlines last month when they took up arms to defend their home from protesters.

During the search, police seized the rifle that Mark McCloskey was shown holding during the June 28 incident, KSDK-TV of St. Louis reported, citing information from a source.

The couple claimed the pistol that Patricia McCloskey held during the June confrontation was already in the possession of their attorney, the station reported.vThere was no immediate indication the McCloskeys were arrested or charged with a crime. The warrant applied only to a search for the guns, KSDK reported.

DML: The DACA decision will lead to a Biden win, hands down.  And remember that I wrote this to you:  As a result your guns will be subject to Democrats and their desire to take it away because they will control the House, Senate and White House.

4-Trump admits he OK’d a Russian “troll farm”
President Trump acknowledged this week that in 2018 he authorized a covert U.S. cyberattack against a Russian “troll farm,” according to a report.

The attack targeted Russia’s Internet Research Agency, the St. Petersburg organization that led Russian efforts to disrupt the 2016 U.S. presidential election and was repeating its efforts ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, The Washington Post reported.

In an interview with Post columnist Marc A. Thiessen, Trump said he OK’d the U.S. operation after receiving an intelligence report about Russia’s activities. “Look, we stopped it,” the president said, contrasting his action with what he claimed was former President Barack Obama’s reluctance to take action in 2016.

According to Thiessen, Trump claimed Obama “said nothing” about Russian interference that year because he thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the race for the White House against Trump.

DML: Who cares about Russia, why would Trump give DACA amnesty?  He’s actually doing the same thing Obama did, only worse.  I wonder if the DACA “kids”, who are 26, will have to wear a mask or if they’ll be exempt.  It’s not a crazy question, radicals supporting Black Lives Matter can rip down statues, steal retail items, and burn down police buildings without punishment while the rest of us would rot in jail.

5- Florida maxes out capacity in some hospitals
A surge of coronavirus cases in Florida has maxed out dozens of intensive care units (ICUs) at hospitals around the state, following an attempt by local officials to institute a phased reopening of the economy.

Over 40 hospitals are now hitting their limit with regard to ICU capacity, according to a CNBC News report. This news comes on the same day that Florida reportedly announced its second-highest one-day COVID-19 infection rate.

Palm Beach County school board member Marcia Andrews told the Palm Beach Post that local officials are ill-equipped to handle the current uptick in confirmed cases and were caught flat-footed by the resurgence.

DML: If Trump gives DACA amnesty, you’ll be wearing masks for the rest of your life.  I would love to see how many of these new cases include people who wore the nonsense masks each day. I bet the numbers are incredibly high. Meanwhile, with DACA amnesty about to be set forth, Dems will never lose another election.  This means that all the illegals here will get amnesty over time, and you will be wearing a mask every time someone is China has the first sign of a cold.

DML PARTING WORDS: If my grandmother asked me for advise amid these times, I would tell her to do all she could to get as much sleep as possible and boost the immune system.  I would tell her this because in these radical-driven days when voices are silenced, it’s hard to get real information without it being filtered by some special interest groups or radical lefty working behind the scenes in a social media company’s censorship department.  This is my opinion of course, but do you not agree that people are getting bogus information? We know that in many cases it’s only one side that matters, the other side is kept from offering an opposing point of view.  For example, there are no shortage of experts calling for people to build their immune system instead of the asinine suggestions from so-called experts who change their minds each day about what is healthy and what is not.  But these sounds minds get deleted, and so we only hear and see people walking around with half a face showing.  Not me! My face is out in force.  I say “All Results Matter.”  I would tell my grandmother that my customers don’t lie, the results are real, and the link to can end up being the smartest click she’s ever made.   And then I would say, “Nanna, check out these testimonials if you need more information…”

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  1. DML PLEASE give us a letter on the dam DACA so we can send it to ALL of our government officials and our President! I’m livid!

  2. I think you need to take a step back, DML. You are obsessing. All of your points today reference DACA. Trump is a very bright person. Perfect? No. But you are ready to dump him at the first turn when he does something you don’t like. Trust me, he has WAY WAY bigger issues to deal with now than he did when he became President. And it has zero to do with DACA. Before you trash him, think of the alternatives. And back off. I always read your morning recap and really like it. But I predicted even before I read it that you would obsess over possible DACA issues. And you didn’t disappoint.

  3. Well, Alyce Larson, I completely disagree with your telling DML to step back. We have all stepped back many times during this administration. AND it continues to get worse. Oh I will vote for President Trump but it is because we have no other choice instead of believing in him, as I once did. I am sick of how our country continues to slid into oblivion controlled by special groups (you best not disagree with), demos, rhinos, news media and all the lies out there about covid 19. I wear the mask when out in public which isn’t often. I have diabetes and other health issues. BUT i truly think it is nuts to wear them IF you are healthy person. I do take DML’s CBD. I am so disgusted with all the stuff going on now that I am glad I am at the end of my life path. May God Bless all and intervene for our once great nation.

    • I totally agree with all you said Mildred,,,I too have health issues..i..I’m totally disgusted with everything.. to wear a mask in Kansas now is mandatory when ever you go out.I’m 69 and near the end of my life too, not much to look forward too!

  4. There is no way realistically to deport all illegal aliens, that will never happen as much as we all wish it could. The true “dreamers” and I have no idea how many there really are, they are the ones I can find compassion for and believe they do deserve a path towards citizenship. But these young adults pouring over our boarders, these caravans, they do not deserve the same forgiveness! And how can the government know for sure who the real dreamers are? The President also mentioned merit based so this will not be a full blown amnesty thing. Compromises have to be made to move forward so I am hopeful. I have to disagree with DML on this one, I do not think it will cost him the election. Biden is too scary for Republicans not to get their vote counted.

  5. I do not believe in amnesty. A path to citizenship for those that were under the DACA is wise. If they do not work on this path then they need to be deported. There should be something that does not allow those illegals coming in since DACA to be allowed to stay unless they have legal papers. Also, never again will children get citizenship because all will be deported if here illegally.

  6. So Trump does one mistep you don’t like and its dump him, he will loose, on and on I personally could care less about Daca, and am not about to throw away the best president we have ever had for him doing one thing I don’t like. Pretty shallow. Those kids have been here their whole live, and even served in the military, I think they have a right to a path. If they work out something thats very hard for them to do, not just hand it over. You, of course have a right to your opinion, but it really gets me, when you think Trumps voters are so shallow. I guess you rather Biden get it and the Democrats, sounds like you think people will dump Trump for this one issue. If they do, they deserve Biden. For all he has done for us, of course he is not going to do everything everyone approves of. Problem with me, I see everything Biden is doing I don’t like, and there is no way in hell am I going to NOT vote and let Biden get it.

  7. I do not think President Trump is so stupid… people are over reacting…. If give
    DACA kids citizenships ? they are going to
    checkout who is qualified to stay in USA …
    Some of them are in military and they deserve to get citizenship….
    Some of them graduated college or university…they are not guilty… parents are responsible for them….


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