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Today is March 10, I am DML, and the stories below are making headlines this Tuesday.

1-Italy takes radical steps to fight virus
Starkly illustrating the global east-to-west spread of the new coronavirus, Italy began an extraordinary, sweeping nationwide travel ban on Tuesday while in China, the diminishing threat prompted the president to visit the epicenter and declare: ”“We will certainly defeat this epidemic.” Travel restrictions previously limited to the country’s north were extended everywhere, with soldiers and police enforcing bans. Neighboring countries like Malta and Austria slammed their borders with Italy shut, while major carriers like British Airways cancelled all flights to and from the country.

DML: Imagine we did this with Mexico?  Our country would be great again.

2- Stocks on the rebound
Global stock markets rebounded Tuesday from record-setting declines after U.S. President Donald Trump said he would ask Congress for a tax cut and other measures to ease the pain of the spreading coronavirus outbreak. Oil prices also recovered some of their losses in Monday’s stunning plunge.

European indexes, many of which suffered their biggest one-day drop since the 2008 global crisis on Monday and fell into a bear market, were up by more than 3%. China’s main stock index closed 1.8% higher and Tokyo rose 0.9%.

Wall Street is likewise expected to recover somewhat from its largest daily drop in 12 years, with futures for the benchmark S&P 500 and for the Dow Jones Industrial Average both up by 4.2%.

DML: Don’t get all giddy just yet, this roller coaster is nowhere near finished.

3- Troops begin to leave Afghanistan
The United States began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, the U.S. military said Tuesday, taking a step forward on its peace deal with the Taliban while also praising Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s promise to start releasing Taliban prisoners after he had delayed for over a week.

The U.S.-Taliban deal signed Feb. 29 was touted as Washington’s effort to end 18 years of war in Afghanistan. The next crucial step was to be intra-Afghan talks in which all factions including the Taliban would negotiate a road map for their country’s future.

DML: Amen.  Thank you Mr President.

4- The big Tuesday you’ve been waiting for (if you’re a Democrat)
Democratic primary voters will go to the polls for the first time since Super Tuesday on Tuesday, March 10, in six states.

DML: Today either puts Joe over the top and in cruise control, or it sparks a comeback for Bernie.  The most interesting day in politics this year.  I will talk about it exclusively on at 10:30am.

5- The THC-Free DML CBD product I’ve been waiting for is here, thank you
Each day I get a testimonial of some kind from someone using our DML PURE CBD products and MIRACLE ME pain relief body oil.  Yesterday, was a different kind of testimonial, and I thought it would be interesting to share it.   Max is in pain, or so I am told.  And the idea of taking CBD products is scary because drug tests will sometimes offer a false positive.  “I can’t have a drug test come back positive, so I can only use THC free products.  I am so happy to learn you have THC free DML GUMMIES.  I can finally use your products safely.”

DML: Max’s email is very similar to other emails we’ve received like it over the past few days.  First of all, Max is incorrect in thinking DML CBD Gummies are the only THC-free product we carry.  Our MIRACLE ME product, which is great for pain relief, has no THC.  That said, THC is a NOT a bad thing.  Keep in mind that certain over-the-counter cough meds can show up on a drug test.  Do not be confused — CBD is not weed, and companies should know better.  The THC in CBD, when under .03, is LEGAL in the United States and it DOES NOT alter the brain like smoking pot will alter the brain.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.  If someone tries to tell you THC is bad, run from that person like you would run away from a heart doctor suggesting you each french fries over spinach.  THC is a good thing, and it helps with so many ailments. With the above in mind, I am happy to hear Max will be a new customer by means of using our DML CBD GUMMIES.  I am also glad he took advantage of our introductory offer to save 20%.  You can too.  Click here.

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