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Today is March 12, I am DML, and the stories below are catching headlines this morning.  Read them, share them, and remain the smartest person in the room by using the DML NEWS APP all throughout the day.  There are 6 items today.

1-Trump announces travel ban from Europe amid growing fears of coronavirus
President Trump on Wednesday announced in a televised address that the U.S. was suspending all travel from Europe to the U.S. for 30 days beginning Friday at midnight in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Trump’s address came hours after the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 a pandemic and the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. climbed to more than 1,200. Trump said the new travel exemptions did not apply to the United Kingdom.

A European diplomat told Reuters the White House did not notify European officials before the televised address. The proclamation applies only to humans, not goods and cargo, a White House official told Fox News. Those transporting goods will “not be admitted into the country, but the goods will be.”

Trump later signed a presidential proclamation that suspends the entry of most foreign nationals who visited certain  European countries in the past two weeks. The suspension does not apply to legal permanent residents, according to the statement.

DML: This is a historic move which is designed to help stop the virus, it may also end up losing him the presidency in 2016 as the economic hit will be something most people are not considering long term.  But this is a pandemic, and he had no choice.  I will discuss this today exclusively on

2-Virus causes a wave of closings in US
– NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade postponed for first time in history
– CBS News employees in NYC sent home
– NBA suspends season
– NCAA to have March Madness without fans
– Colleges suspending classes

DML: That’s just a tiny list of the news that hit over the past 24-hours. The US is trying to avoid being like Italy, which has essentially shutdown as a country because new cases are escalating so rapidly. By the end of this month, most Americans will know someone infected.  And if you don’t, good!  Meanwhile, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a statement posted by Hanks to social media on Wednesday evening.

4- DOW to get hammered today
Futures contracts tied to the major U.S. stock indexes fell sharply early Thursday Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial average, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 all hit the so-called limit down threshold at one point, off by more than 5%, before paring those losses slightly.  At last count, the Dow futures were right at that threshold, which halts trading. Dow futures implied a loss of more than 1,100 points at the open. S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 futures were off by 4.8%.

Overnight futures are halted if they drop by more than 5% according to futures exchange rules. After stocks open in regular trading, the S&P 500 must drop by 7% before hitting the NYSE’s circuit breaker, which halts trading temporarily. Futures were last ‘limit down’ on Monday. Later that day, the S&P 500 also hit the NYSE’s circuit breaker, halting trading. The Dow Jones Industrial average fell more than 2,000 points on Monday. The halts are implemented to reduce panic and ensure orderly markets functioning.

DML: I had called it for a year, and I am sad to say I knew I’d be right.  On Wednesday, the Dow ended its historic 11-year bull market run by closing in bear-market territory. A bear market marks a 20% decline from all-time highs. The S&P 500 was just shy of that threshold going into Thursday’s trading and was poised to enter bear market territory based on futures losses.  The best advise I can offer is don’t look, this too will pass.

5-Biden campaign shares path-to-victory memo saying it’s ‘nearly impossible’ for Sanders to regain delegate lead
An internal memo from the campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden said it’s “nearing impossible” for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., to regain the lead in delegates after losses in several of the Democrats’ presidential primary contests.

The memo said the campaign netted 160 delegates, including up to 80 won Tuesday. Biden campaign officials said they expected his lead to expand in “some of our strongest” states — Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Georgia. “Of 682 delegates awarded in those states, conservative estimates have us winning more than 400 delegates and netting more than 150 delegates,” the memo read.

DML: Bernie isn’t going anywhere, at his age he has nothing to lose.

6- I think you are our future president, you care so much for us.
This came in to me: “DML, I watched your Facebook video tonight and was compelled to drop you a note saying how much I love you.  The president tried to calm a nation this evening on TV but he failed.  I think all of his combative behavior and baby nonsense tweeting over the years has watered down his ability to deliver a message of calming.  You on the other hand always calm my nerves with your real person-to-person delivery of information. I trust you and think you are our future president! You care so much us.  I want to say thank you for the free CBD offer tonight.  I am scared for our health as a nation and my own health as an older woman (62).  I know your CBD works because I’ve used it, and I will take you up on the free bottles.  Your love for people spreads each day like a virus of a good kind. – L”

DML: I make no claims, no guarantees, no assurances that what works for me or some of my customers will work for everyone.  DML PURE CBD does not cure, prevent or treat disease.  What it has done for me, and thousands of other people, is build a robust immune system.  I have not been sick in a year.  I swear by this stuff, and I believe it will be the basis for amazing wonder drugs in future years. My offer last night causes me to lose incredible amounts of profit, but I want to do anything I can to help this current situation.  Will it help? I don’t know, my gut says yes and so I try.  My offer last night stands today and will remain in place until I run out of inventory which may be sooner than later after the response we received.  OFFER: Go to and buy 3 bottles of DML PURE CBD SOFTGELS 900 (the softgels is what I use), and I will send you 2 bottles FREE of charge.  This is a savings of $170.  I have never made that sort of offer before, and this is ONLY to try to help people in a time of chaos like we are seeing now.  To take advantage of this offer, go to

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