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Today is March 16, I am DML, and the stories below are catching headlines. Amid this chaotic time in the US, we urge you to download the DML NEWS APP as we will have coverage of all the things you need to know. It is a free download, go to the APPLE APP store or Google Play and download the DML NEWS APP for free.


Officials across the country curtailed many elements of American life to fight the coronavirus outbreak on Sunday, with health officials recommending that groups of 50 or more don’t get together and a government expert saying a 14-day national shutdown may be needed.

The AP REPORTS: Governors and mayors closed restaurants, bars, and schools as the nation sank deeper into chaos. Travelers returning home from abroad were stuck in line for hours at major airports for screenings, crammed into just the kind of crowded spaces that public health officials have urged people to avoid.

DML: Many doctors say to wash your hands, clean your electronic devises like cell phones, stay away from crowded places when possible, and keep your immune system as robust as possible.

In a sign of impending economic gloom, the Federal Reserve slashed its benchmark interest rate to near zero.

DML: The stock market is set to drop 1,000 points Monday, and will likely suspend trading. I have warned readers of this several times over the past year, but this is taking on a new shape.

President Donald Trump sought to calm a jittery nation by declaring the government has “tremendous control” over the situation and urging people to stop the panic buying of grocery staples that has depleted store shelves nationwide. Gun stores started seeing a similar run on weapons and ammunition as the panic intensified.

DML: We are down to one role of toilet paper, and can’t find none.  We can’t find a place to buy bread.  The White House may not be short on supply, but my local food markets, 7/11 an delis are blank.

The two remaining candidates for the Democrats in the 2020 presidential election squared off Sunday in a debate.  Sanders continued his free healthcare for all while Biden focused on solutions, making the former VP stand out.   Biden also made a bold promise to select a woman as his vice presidential running mate. He also made news by committing to put an African-American woman on the Supreme Court if he becomes president.

DML: Forget about the best person for the job, it’s a female like it or not.  I wonder if he picks Oprah for the Supreme Court.  Or maybe he’ll pick Venus Williams, I mean, that girl can hit a tennis ball like no other.

5- DML CBD helps older woman
I received this testimonial from Laurie in my inbox this morning. “DML, I just wanted to let you know, that I could not afford to buy a full bottle of Miracle Me for my elderly mom. I found a way to afford the smaller bottles (Miracle Me Mini) and recently jumped at the opportunity when you sold 3 small bottles and got the 4th free. My 88 year old mother has bad arthritis in the knee, she had prior surgery but it is too much of risk for her to have another. She had a lot of pain in the knee that stopped her from doing many things. I know have hope that she will do more. This is the email I received from her today:

Hi: I am now using the new CBD oil and it is a miracle. I didn’t have to use it for two days, that’s how long the relief lasted. Thanks.

Thank you so much DML!!!! Laurie

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