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Today is March 2, and I am DML, the headlines below are the stories I am following this Monday morning.

1- Warning issued over Virus and impact on economy
A global agency says the spreading new virus could make the world economy shrink this quarter for the first time since the international financial crisis more than a decade ago. The OECD lowered its forecasts for global growth in 2020 by half a percentage point, to 2.4% — and said the figure could go as low as 1.5% if the virus lasts long and spreads widely.

DML: Meanwhile, the first report of the virus hitting New York was out Sunday night, as a second person died in Washington State.

2- Mayor Peter is out of the race
The gay mayor from Indiana suddenly withdrew his bid for winning the nomination to represent the Democratic party in the 2020 election for president Sunday.  The former mayor from South Bend said he was dropping out before Super Tuesday to help party unity.

DML: The inside on this is the DNC leadership made a whole lot of promises, also known as a whole lot of threats, for him to move out of the way and let Biden take the moderate lane by himself.  I predict you look for Pete to show up as an analyst on either ABC NEWS or Fox.

3- Jack Welch is dead
Jack Welch, a railroad conductor’s son who became chairman and CEO of General Electric and led it for two decades, growing its market value from $12 billion to $410 billion, has died. He was 84.

DML: One of the big CEO names of my younger days, I wish his family the best.

4- Stocks still uneasy
Stock futures pointed to a lower open Monday as Wall Street struggles to rebound from its worst week since the financial crisis amid fears of the coronavirus outbreak. Around 8 a.m. ET Monday, Dow futures were lower by about 16 points and indicated a loss of about 56 points at Monday’s open. S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures also fell.

DML: I don’t know about you, but I’m pulling my money out.  This is too unpredictable.

5- Amid bad virus news, there is a good DML PURE CBD story to tell
TeamDML member David was diagnosed with cancer not so long ago.  He sent an update to my inbox.  Here is it: ” DML, How soon before I can purchase the gummy version of CBD? You have my business for life. Even with my diagnosis of cancer and receiving infusions for a year which I’m 3 infusions into, my DML CBD has me riding my indoor bike 5 days a week or more, and 3 days a week I’m using my soloflex. That had fell by the wayside after my brain bleed.  I’m 3 months into your DML PURE starter pack, and at the age of 54 I’m feeling great again. “

DML: We are thrilled to learn of David’s success and continue to wish him great health.  As for the gummies, they have arrived.  We are waiting for me to return to New York to release them.  So figure late next week, or the week after.   Meanwhile, anyone who want to feel great again should go to and read up on what we offer.  Do not wait another day.  Feel Great Again!


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