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Today is March 3, I am DML, and the stories below are making headlines.  Please read them, share them, and remain the smartest person in the room by using the DML News App all day long.

1- Super Tuesday
The battle for the Democratic presidential nomination reaches a fever pitch on Tuesday as millions of voters from Maine to California head to the polls. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the self proclaimed socialist, is seeking to pull away from the rest of the field, while Joe Biden hopes to ride a wave of fresh momentum and establish himself as the standard-bearer for the party’s moderate wing.

The Super Tuesday contests in 14 states are also the first test of billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s massive spending in the Democratic race. He skipped the first four states, banking on more than half a billion dollars in advertising and ground operations to establish him as a front-runner for the nomination.

DML: After today, they’ll be calling it Super Bernie instead of Super Tuesday.

2-Tornadoes rip through Tennessee
The AP reports that at least two tornadoes touched down early Tuesday in central Tennessee, including one that ripped across downtown Nashville and caused about 40 buildings to collapse around the city. Authorities are reporting fatalities as they search the wreckage for injured people.

DML: Schools, courts and transit lines were closed, and four polling stations were moved only hours before Super Tuesday voting was set to begin.

3- Trump offers false promises about Corona Virus vaccine, fact checkers claim
In his remarks at the White House Monday afternoon, and then at an evening rally in North Carolina Monday evening, Trump reached for silver linings as the number of virus cases and deaths in the U.S. grew.

TRUMP SAID: “We’re talking about a vaccine. Maybe a cure is possible. But we’re talking about a vaccine and they’re moving along very quickly, all of the pharmaceutical companies, are moving along very quickly.”  Trump said a vaccine could be available “relatively soon,” as in months. He said the vaccine would make people feel much better.

DML: Fact checkers for the Associated Press, joined other fact checkers in stating the president’s remarks are misleading given the far more cautious pronouncements of federal public-health officials and scientists. They say a vaccine is probably more than a year away at best and there are no special treatments for COVID-19. The notion of a quick “cure” is not in their vocabulary as they focus on trying to help people avoid getting the disease in the first place.

4- Mathews is gone
Longtime MSNBC host Chris Matthews abruptly retired from his “Hardball” show on Monday, apologizing for making inappropriate comments about women and following a brutal week where he also took heat from supporters of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

His exit came after a weekend of discussions with his bosses, three days after GQ ran a column by a freelance journalist about her “own sexist run-in” with Matthews in the makeup room before appearing on his show.

Matthews opened his program Monday with the announcement, talking in his familiar staccato style, that he was ending his run on the political talk show he started in 1997. After a commercial break, he was replaced in the anchor chair by a shaken Steve Kornacki.

DML: A…B…C you later Chrissy.  What a tool you’ve been.

5-DML speaks to a packed house in Jupiter, Florida
The catering hall at the Abacoa Golf Club in Jupiter was wall to wall, standing room only Monday night.  People came from all over Florida to hear me warn about the power of Bernie Sanders (see two photos below). I laid out a strategy for how conservatives can speak with undecided voters, including Independents and Democrats who are a bit left of center to vote for Trump.   When the event was over a woman came up to me and said I am TeamDML, and I want you to know I rub MIRACLE ME all over myself every day.  “It is the best product I have ever used and I really do feel great again. Thank you so much DML, I absolutely love you for this product.”  I told her, “Amazing, how half the room smells like MIRACLE ME.”  We both laughed.

DML: I am offering a MIRACLE ME MINI special today.  Buy 3 bottles of MIRACLE ME MINI and get the 4th bottle free.  Do not make the mistake of missing out on this offer.  Click here to buy and get the deal.

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