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Today is March 8, I am DML, and the stories below are making headlines this Sunday morning.  Read them, share them, and use the DML NEWS APP all throughout to the day to remain the smartest person in the room.  And don’t forget to turn ahead your clocks.

1-Italy in chaos
Italy announced a sweeping quarantine early Sunday for its northern regions, igniting travel chaos as it restricted the movements of a quarter of its people in a bid to halt the new coronavirus’ relentless march across Europe.

Shortly after midnight, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a decree affecting 16 million people in the country’s prosperous north, including the Lombardy region and at least 14 provinces in neighboring regions. The extraordinary measures will be in place until April 3.

DML: Gives a new meaning to the term “staycation.”  Imagine if Italy had protected its borders this well.

2- Cruise ship to dock in Oakland
A cruise ship hit by the new coronavirus is headed to the port of Oakland, California, the captain told passengers, though they were destined to stay aboard the ship for at least another day.

Grand Princess Capt. John Smith, in a recording provided by passenger Laurie Miller of San Jose, told guests the ship will dock in Oakland. Princess Cruises says it’s expected to arrive on Monday. The ship is carrying more than 3,500 people from 54 countries.

DML: Talk about adding insult to injury.  Oakland is the “hood” on steroids.  You won’t find a bigger sh*thole in the USA.   And now its got the virus docking.

3- Is Amy Joe’s VP?
Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., sparked vice-presidential speculation Saturday when she said she was joining Joe Biden’s “ticket” — in an apparent slip of the tongue during a campaign rally for the former vice president in Michigan.

Klobuchar, who has been stumping for Biden across the state ahead of this Tuesday’s primary — since she dropped out of the race and endorsed him last weekend — told a crowd in Grand Rapids she “couldn’t think of a better way to end my candidacy … than to join the ticket.”

DML: Joe’s not all too smart, but Amy couldn’t get hot in the primary, what makes him think she’ll spark a flame in November.  No doubt he had to give her something of a promise for her to drop out before Super Tuesday, but come on people — she’s a dud.  Joe will go for someone with star power.

4- Doctor in CT now victim to Virus
A doctor and a staffer linked to Connecticut hospitals have been identified as testing positive for coronavirus, the state’s governor said Saturday.

The doctor is a New York state resident who visits patients in Connecticut’s Bridgeport Hospital but is not on the staff there, Gov. Ned Lamont said in a statement.

DML: Considering I was one of the only, if not the only, conservative media personality to take the virus seriously long before it arrived, allow me to make a prediction: By end of April we will have 25,000 cases in the US.  It is so important to keep yourself protected, and keep that immune system strong.

5- The joy of flexibility and pain-free movement, says Bobby.
Here’s the latest news from a DML CBD user.
“DML, I was given a DML COMBO PACK by a friend who is recovering from surgeries.  She takes your DML PURE and MIRACLE ME products every day without miss.  She told me her movement was limited because of all the pain ripping through her muscles and joints.  When she started with your products it changed for the better.  She now has pain-free movement.  As for me, I was feeling stiff.  Maybe it’s my age.  I am 58.  The flexibility I once had is withering away, or at least it was until I used the DML COMBO PACK.  The MIRACLE ME kicked in right away, and I felt my neck, back and legs improve within minutes of rubbing the oil into my skin.  The DML PURE softgels took longer to take effect, or at least it appeared that way.  My sleep eventually improved after a few weeks, and this helped me with more energy.  It also gave me the joy of flexibility that permits me to bend over without pain, drive in the car without pain, and tie my shoes without aches and pain.  I am overweight and promised myself at the turn of the year I would get back in shape.  With the products you offer I’ve been able to get started.  It will be a long road but I will get there using DML PURE and MIRACLE ME.  I hope this helps someone else who is on the fence about using your CBD. — Bobby”

DML: There is no better news than this sort of news!  If you want to use the same products as Bobby, which are almost identical to the ones I use, go to  Get started and feel great again.  NOTE: I used the term “almost identical” because I now take DML PURE GUMMIES.  My routine is a DML PURE SOFTGEL in the morning, and at night.  MIRACLE ME throughout the day.  And in the afternoon a DML PURE GUMMY.  If you want to learn more about the DML PURE GUMMIES, click here.

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