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Today is May 17, and I am DML.  The stories below are catching headlines this Sunday morning.

1-Free meals for seniors program launches
About 200 Los Angeles cooks are back at work, launching a California project to use federal disaster relief money that pays restaurants to prepare and deliver thousands of healthy meals for at-risk seniors. The program, called Great Plates Delivered, is part of the state’s effort to ease suffering inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic that has left a trail of death, unemployment and hunger in its wake.

DML – From the very start I said we should have quarantined and isolated the sick and vulnerable, with the notion that relief money should go to fund programs to specifically help these people.  It would create jobs, limit the spread of COVID19, and the country would and could remain open.  But now they do it, after the damage is done.

2-Disney begins to open
Walt Disney Co will partially reopen its Disney Springs entertainment and shopping complex at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on May 20, it said late on Saturday.

Disney and unions representing workers at Florida’s Walt Disney World reached an agreement on safeguards to protect employees from the coronavirus, a union statement said on Thursday, removing one of the company’s hurdles to reopening its popular theme parks.

DML – If Disney is opening then you know it’s not long before everything and everyone is opening.  The liability factor for Disney is huge, so if they are cool with being open then the flood gates to fun should be reopening all around the world.

3- First tropical storm of season forms
Tropical Storm Arthur formed off the coast of Florida on Saturday, making it the sixth straight year for a named storm to develop before the official June 1 start of the Atlantic hurricane season.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami issued a tropical storm warning for North Carolina’s Outer Banks in its 5 a.m. Sunday advisory. At that time, the storm’s center was located about 380 miles (610 kilometers) south-southwest of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Arthur had top sustained winds of 40 mph (65 kph) and was moving to the north-northeast at 9 mph (14 kph), slowing slightly from 13 mph (20 kph).

DML – In Cuomo was the governor of Florida he’d lock down the entire state to “mitigate” the chances of dying from heavy rain.

4-Obama uses graduation speech to blast Trump (kinda)
Former President Barack Obama on Saturday criticized U.S. leaders overseeing the nation’s response to the coronavirus, telling college graduates in an online commencement address that the pandemic shows many officials “aren’t even pretending to be in charge.”

Obama spoke on “Show Me Your Walk, HBCU Edition,” a two-hour event for students graduating from historically black colleges and universities broadcast on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. His remarks were unexpectedly political, given the venue, and touched on current events beyond the virus and its social and economic impacts.

“More than anything, this pandemic has fully, finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing,” Obama said. “A lot them aren’t even pretending to be in charge.”

DML – If you’re going to rip another person like Obama did and does, at least have the balls to address the person by name.  Obama is you’re typicaly keyboard cowboy.  I say we put this weak fool on the witness stand and watch him squirm.

5- WebMD addresses the question about wearing gloves at the grocery store
From WebMD… “One question that keeps coming up is – Should you wear gloves at the grocery store? The short answer is no. You do not need any kind of gloves at the grocery store. Gloves will not protect you. If you touch a contaminated surface, the virus can transfer to your glove just like it could transfer to your fingers, so there’s no added protection from the gloves. If you touch your mouth or nose with the glove, you can pass the virus to yourself. And taking the gloves off after shopping is an especially vulnerable moment, as you can easily transfer any germs on the gloves to your hands and face if you’re not careful.

DML – Gloves, masks, social distancing… the single best weapon is your immune system. The cytokine storm, which is what most COVID19 patients die from, is caused by the immune system’s overreaction to the virus.  The person with a weak immune system is more likely to suffer a cytokine storm.  Will a strong immune system guarantee you not catching COVID19, absolutely not.  But it can help you survive, big time.  The DML CBD brand is quickly becoming the nation’s most trusted CBD line available, and I encourage you to be smart and jump in.  Start using DML CBD today.  And if you’re an existing customer, take this last chance to grab DML POWER, the single best, strongest CBD you can find at the best price.  We remain giving away one free bottle until Sunday (today) at 5pmET when the website offer expires.  Go to and use the same CBD I use each day, I have not been sick in 18-months.  It is no coincidence that I began taking my CBD 18-months ago.  Below is a testimonial from one of our customers:

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