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Today is November 14, and here are the stories to watch.

1-Flaws revealed in impeachment witnesses’ testimony 
The impeachment inquiry against President Trump wrapped up with no major revelations Wednesday, but also highlighted weaknesses in Democrats’ key witnesses, who relied primarily on second-hand information and never once interacted with the president.

DML: The Democrats’ first witnesses failed to directly prove that Trump did any wrong doing.  What they did prove is they are all very anxious to sell books.

2- The impeachment numbers
The House is now composed of 431 members, meaning Democrats need 217 yeas to impeach Trump. There are currently 233 Democrats, so they can’t lose more than 16 votes and still impeach the president. The key potential complication is this: Thirty-one House Democrats represent more moderate districts that Trump carried in 2016.

DML: Make no mistake, the Dems will die on this sword.

3- Impeachment…For the love of hearsay
The first day of impeachment testimony offered one previously undisclosed allegation. Career diplomat William Taylor, the charge d’affaires in Kiev, asserted that the president was overheard by a member of his staff on July 26 asking EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland about “the investigations.” Sondland supposedly responded that “the Ukrainians were ready to move forward.” Taylor said that following Sondland’s call with Trump, the member of his staff asked what Trump thought about Ukraine. But Republicans pointed out that Taylor’s testimony was unverifiable hearsay, several layers deep — and that Sondland has previously testified that Trump explicitly told him there were “no quid pro quo’s of any kind” with Ukraine.

DML: The Democrats have no winners to beat Trump.  This impeachment is to try to get a few Independents to jump ship.  It may in turn be a way to get Center-Left Voters to head to the Right.

4- CNN bows to the truth
CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin, a former federal prosecutor, noted that Democrats had a “problem,” in that their key witnesses Wednesday had never directly interacted with Trump.  Meanwhile, the other key witness for Democrats on Wednesday, George Kent, deputy assistant secretary of state for Europe, appeared to give testimony that supported Trump’s concerns about Biden’s family dealings in Ukraine. Kent testified that he would “love” to see Ukraine look into the circumstances surrounding the closure of a probe tied to natural gas firm Burisma Holdings, while also raising concerns that Hunter Biden’s role on the board of that firm created the appearance of a conflict of interest.

DML: Are we bored yet?

5- Justice Ruth needs Miracle Me
Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses Supreme Court arguments due to illness.

DML: The iconic Democrat judge isn’t doing all to well, missing one important Supreme Court argument after the next.  She won’t retire because she knows Trump will replace her with a person who has brain without liberal nonsense floating around.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see her seat filled with a man or woman with real smarts and conservative values.  That said, we wish good health for Ruth, and you gotta give her credit for hanging in there so long.  But lets be honest, if Ruth had a brain worthy of the highest court she’d realize that she is going to need more stamina, energy and pain relief to stop the Trump agenda. So, I highly suggest Ruth get a DML PURE CBD starter kit and a 16oz bottle of MIRACLE ME CBD.  The combo of the two may do the trick for her.  If she listens to me, it will mean that you need to fight harder for Trump.  Don’t let Ruth take you to the ground, get over to and get started with MIRACL ME and DML PURE today — FEEL GREAT AGAIN like so many of us who use DML PURE CBD products.

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