(Commenting on)  Morning Briefing September 18: Congress says wear what you want; Armed man at RFK Jr event; Missing F-35; Trump’s warring words with Pelosi



  1. Piglosi planned the whole thing on jan6. Schumer is an idiot, just appeasing the likes of fetterman. Wonder if the f35 will fly itself to china, sounds fishy to me.wonder if the tattoos gave the guy away,, if I saw it I would have called him out also…

  2. Absolutely Pelosi is to blame, in fact I believe she orchestrated along with other corrupt democrats the whole event. What else would her daughter be there filming? Pelosi would do anything and everything to damage Trump. Pelosi is the right hand of the devil.

  3. Find and listen to the interview with the DC POLICE CHIEF who was in charge at that time. Accirding to him, itvwas allowed to happen. We are being LIED to big time, and many patriots are paying the price. Watch for LARA LOGAN’S 9 part documentary starting Thursday night, September 21, on GETTR AND BANNON WARROOM ON RUMBLE. SHE has found the TRUTH.

  4. Anyone with the last name of Kennedy needs to watch their back, what happened to all the high technology? Can’t find the f35 ? I wonder where it’s headed. What’s up with buddy buddy Schumer and Fetterman?

  5. 4.Casual Friday should have never happened in the workforce. Respect needs to rise again in America.
    3.Interesting. A missing F35 jet worth millions is missing? Maybe the aliens beamed it up into their UFO.
    5.Agree. Pelosi and her ilk are to blame for Jan.6. It remains suspicious from the evidence reported and seen on camera. Hopefully, it will all come out in the trial.

  6. If the CIA; capital police; Congress is so inept that they didn’t know or prepare for ‘said’ insurrection their incompetence is well beyond any remediation.

  7. Does the F35 that is flying itself remind you of another incident 11 years ago Malaysia flight 350 that disappeared and was never found.
    The speculation was the computer system was taken over from an unknown entity.

  8. Absolutely! Not only do I blame her for J6 for denying more security but she was likely one of the ring leaders for the J6 set up! It was not just Dems either but rino republicans. I can likely name the ones behind the J6 set up!

  9. I watched LIVE on television while a Capitol policeman removed a barrier to allow demonstrators access. The “insurrection” was by a bunch of costumed radical nuts. At the time EVERYBODY in the country was aware that Speaker Pelosi (who at that point had FAR MORE power than a defeated and angry paranoid President Trump) had deliberately dropped the ball in protecting the Capitol. The MMA mainstream media chose instead to go off on a deliberate tangent to divert attention from the true blame. In reality the entire thing was a CLUSTERF-K engineered by the Democrats.

    • Unfortunately not everyone in the Country is aware of what happened and whose responsible. The CORRUPT main stream media has kept them in the dark. Pelosi is responsible along with the 52 lying disinformation I mean intelligence officers.

  10. Republicans should investigate who authorized the destruction of all the material for January 6th. Pelosi was definitely behind it. If they can find the person or persons they should be fired immediately and brought to trial. Enough is enough these Democrats are corrupt and devious evil people

  11. I said it was Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats from day 1. Jan 6th. She turned down the National Guard, hours of Capitol film has gone missing so they say, her Daughter was there to film it.
    Don’t trust Pelosi, she’s just as Criminal as Joe Biden!

  12. Of course its Pelosis fault. The dress code should be inforced or why not just wear your PJs to work . The government has gone off the rails.

    • If i was a Senator there i would were wear an extremely short skirt with a very low cut see through blouse and stilettos or come in sloppy dirty t shirt or tank top , brakes of course , flip flops and dirty sweat pants with g string showing at top of sweats with my hair not combed and no makeup on a daily basis or else wear a very small bikini with a see through top and see through beach coverup or tie around skirt just to see what they say about the clothing then and make a big deal of it if they say something against the clothing or maybe with just a see through beach coverup over a pair of panties … hmmm i see it coming down the pipeline !

  13. No doubt Pelosi, the D’s, FBI, Antifa, BLM, etc, instigated and orchestrated the J6 bullshit ‘insurrection’ so they could blame it all on Trump. You’d have to be really stupid to think Trump did.
    I’m surprised they haven’t killed him yet, they are so afraid of losing their power and will do ANYTHING to keep it. They all are disgusting, evil, anti-American POS

  14. I live on the west side of the Country. We all were warned through social media not to go as it is a set up planned by democrats to cause problems and blame conservatives. Absolutely, Nancy and the evil disgusting democrats are to responsible for J6. They ushered people through. They opened doors. They moved barricades.waving people into the Capitol. It’s all on video. They are arresting and seizing peoples video who only took pictures but did no damage or violence. The Democrats are seizing all the evidence of their planned set-up. Major Cover-up.

  15. #4. That’s easy. That’s not Fetterman. Doppleganger much? They do exist. I have one of my own. When living in NY, my friends would tell me that theyve seen me in so many places at certain times when I was at work upstate, 2 1/2 hours away. Saud that they have called my name and I ignored them, etc.

  16. Biden should be held liable if anything happens to Kennedy. He refused to authorize Kennedy any SS. First time ever a presidential candidate was denied protection. I guess if you can’t indict them put their life in danger and let your evil plot have its way.
    I think our Congress should dress as befits the office. PJs would fit some losers fine. I hope my people will stick to dress.
    Of course this is Pelosis fault . She is security and Trump told her she should bring in 10000 extra men . I guess that would ruin her plans. We already heard there were feds there and she had brought her daughter in to document the travesty.


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