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Written by DML
There are two new photos on my Instragram page.  You can see them below with descriptions.  If you have an Instagram account please give me a follow.  Click here.

The first photo includes Mary, me, and our four children.  It was taken by a stationary camera positioned high up on the water flume ride at Disney.  Typically, we don’t buy the photos taken on the rides, but this one I had to grab.  We had so much fun on the ride.  Taken years ago, it’s one of my family favorites.

The next photo is a bit corny. We took it as a promo photo while filming They Come to America II. I am dressed in a hunter’s jumpsuit, my face is painted black. On the day we took the photo, my cameraman and I were hiding in brush areas along the RIO GRANDE in Texas. We were trying to capture cartel members transporting humans and drugs into the US from Mexico. Photo credit is to Rory, my then cameraman.



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  1. Watched your documentaries Coming to America one and two long before I heard and knew about you DML!! Great reporting. Keep up the good work you do! God bless and be safe 🙏🇺🇸💖🙏


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