NEWS ALERT: 121 missing kids, child trafficking victims located in nationwide operation [VIDEO]

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The FBI announced on Monday that it has located up to 121 missing children and child trafficking victims in a nationwide sting operation.

In a news release, the agency said that its “Operation Cross Country” initiative helped locate more than 200 victims of human trafficking and related crimes during the first two weeks of this month.

The article goes on to state the following:

Operation Cross Country is a coordinated effort among the FBI and other federal, state and local agencies to help find or assist victims of human trafficking.

The FBI reported:

While this public operation draws attention to the issue of trafficking, the FBI and its partners work to investigate and stop trafficking every day.

“The initiative really just takes a concentrated period of time where we’re just focused on the problem of child sex trafficking,” said Section Chief Jose Perez, who oversees violent crime investigations in the FBI. “What we do is we sit down with our local partners and our task forces and identify certain areas where we know sex trafficking is prevalent, and we’ll dedicate resources and efforts to identify and remove victims from those areas.”

The FBI’s Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Forces across the country worked to locate victims. About 200 federal, state, and local agencies partnered with the FBI on Operation Cross Country. They encountered both child victims of sex trafficking and adults who were being trafficked against their will. The goal is to gather intelligence, build criminal cases against traffickers, and offer victims assistance.


While the FBI cannot provide these services on its own, victim specialists partner with community organizations and social services agencies to help victims who are escaping a trafficker. They may need counseling, medical services, housing, or job placement.

FBI Atlanta’s operation, for example, located 19 missing children and resulted in the arrest of four traffickers.

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, teams from 14 law enforcement agencies worked on a three-day operation. Their work included locating sex offenders who had failed to register, tracking predators who approach children online, and looking for a runaway teenager at high risk for being trafficked.

The result was three arrests: one of an unregistered sex offender (which will become a federal case) and two state arrests.

Two federal cases were opened on suspects who may have been involved with child sexual abuse material production or enticement violations. Enticement involves using the internet to coerce a child (or someone connected to the child) to manufacture sexually explicit material of a child.

This year’s Operation Cross Country expanded to investigate sex offenders who may be eligible for federal charges and people trying to connect with children online to sexually abuse them. It’s a hybrid model that has expanded the traditional role of Operation Cross Country, said Sam, a special agent who leads the Chattanooga office’s crimes against children investigations.

“With the advent of social media, access to mobile devices and technology … they’re out there in the neighborhoods not being monitored,” Sam said. “And we don’t know if they’re going to have access to these communication devices to continue to exploit children online or have inappropriate physical contact with children.”

“We’ll dedicate resources and efforts to identify and remove victims from those areas.”
– Jose Perez, section chief, Criminal Investigative Division

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  1. That’s great on one side but what about the debacle at the border. The sex offenders and trafficing without any enforcement stopping it from reaching America.

  2. Imagine being a parent in Mexico and your 9 yr old son or daughter disappears and you know she’s being sold in the US as a prostitute. Our government has contributed to that by opening the borders. It’s a multi billion dollar industry. You think some of that is making its way into the DNC and GOP establishment? Sure would explain a lot.

  3. And you tell us this news so we can have faith in you, FBI? Try harder!!!!!
    Try closing the border! And be transparent with the Trump debacle!!!!

  4. I’m glad children were saved BUT I can’t believe they took time off from harassing President Trump long enough to do anything else.

    They need to put the new armed 87,000 employees at the border!!!

  5. Like they do with drugs they need to get to the higher ups to get at their higher ups! Stop getting the first people you come across! That person doesn’t know much!

  6. There are some good people in the FBI trying to do the right things. God bless those that saved these victims. Unfortunately so many at the top are very bad and way over shadow the good.

  7. If this is suppose to bolster our faith in the FBI, it didn’t work. Do the job you’re suppose to do, and leave President Trump alone.

  8. We are told that sex trafficking of children doesn’t happen in the US. I’ve heard people in public offices say that knowing it’s a lie! I’ve heard/read that those people have said that the problem is only in other countries. Even when the truth is shown to them it’s played down. I’m glad that these kids are being rescued and the traffickers are caught and locked up!


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