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Three people were shot, including a 16-year-old girl, outside of the Bucks game in Milwaukee on Friday — sending panicked crowds on the street sprinting for their lives, video shows.

The Milwaukee Police Department confirmed that two women and a man were shot near Martin Luther King Drive and Highland Avenue outside of the Fiserv Forum during the final minutes of the Bucks-Celtics playoff game, according to WISN.

The article goes on to state the following:

The other wounded woman is 29 years old and the man is 30, the report said.

Fans in the outdoor viewing area fled for cover  and some were screaming as they ran for safety, videos show.


Fox News reports:

Ten people have been taken into custody after 17 were shot in Milwaukee Friday evening near the Bucks-Celtics basketball game, police said Saturday.

Nine firearms were recovered from the scene, after dozens were seen fleeing, Milwaukee police said.

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  1. I live in Milwaukee area and it keeps getting worse , the violence is spilling into areas that it was never before. It’s time to bring back neighborhood segregation like the Israelis do , its seams to work for them. Cage em up they are Animals anyways…………

  2. Don’t all these shootings make you think that the Democrats are behind it to get control over us? They were behind all the riots last summer and the Jan 6 riot at the Capitol. All this crime takes place in Democrat states. It would be something that the Democrats would do to us! There is no doubt in my mind!

  3. We live in a suburb of Milwaukee. We will not go into Milwaukee for fear of getting shot! Never ever thought this would happen!!


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