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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced on Tuesday that he will sue the Biden administration to block the Pentagon’s vaccine mandate for his state’s National Guard.

In a letter to Maj. Gen. Tracy Norris, Adjutant General of the Texas Military Department, Abbott says he is suing because the federal government has put his state’s Guard members in a “difficult position.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“As the commander-in-chief of Texas’s militia, I have issued a straightforward order to every member of the Texas National Guard within my chain of command: Do not punish any guardsman for choosing not to receive a COVID-19 vaccine,” the governor wrote.

“Unless President Biden federalizes the Texas National Guard in accordance with Title 10 of the U.S. Code, he is not your commander-in-chief under our federal or state Constitutions,” the letter continued. “And as long as I am your commander-in-chief, I will not tolerate efforts to compel receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine. Let me be crystal clear: It is the federal government that has put Texas’s guardsmen in this difficult position. As your commander-in-chief, I will fight on your behalf. That is why I am suing the Biden Administration over its latest unconstitutional vaccine mandate.”

The lawsuit comes after Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin mandated vaccinations for the military back in August.

Abbott also ordered Norris not to punish any Guard members who chose not to receive the vaccine by the deadline of Dec. 31.

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  1. Shalyn
    Homework do some ! Abbott is just trying like they all do before he is to be replaced He took money from Soros and I won’t vote for him again
    If you really want to see
    What can happen BrcAmericansxanx just say no Ghats all Abbott and every American has to say and do

    • Gail what source do you have about Abbott taking money from Soros? I’d not read that yet. While building a wall this late in the game, at least he’s doing something. All while millions have already poured into TX. Thanks.

  2. Nah, Texas Governor Abbott wouldn’t take money from Soros.

    Show proof if you’re going to tell whoppers like that. Tsk, tsk Gail.


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