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Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) is the latest lawmaker to announce he has tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement on Thursday, Coons said after testing regularly for COVID-19 in the recent weeks with rapid and PCR tests, he received a positive diagnosis Wednesday night.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I have minimal symptoms so far and am optimistic I will recover well after isolating and following CDC guidelines. Like millions of other families, it seems we’ll also be wrestling with another holiday spent on Zoom and cancelled plans for travel or gathering,” he said.

Multiple other Democrats have recently tested positive for coronavirus, including Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), as well as  Reps. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) and Barbara Lee (D-Calif.).

Below is the full statement Coons posted on Twitter Thursday morning:

In recent weeks I have been tested for COVID-19 regularly, both with rapid tests and PCR tests, and last night I got bad news – I tested positive.

I have minimal symptoms so far and am optimistic I will recover well after isolating and following CDC guidelines.

Like millions of other families, it seems we’ll also be wrestling with another holiday spent on Zoom and cancelled plans for travel or gathering.

As we deal with the sharp rise in Omicron cases here in Delaware and across the country, I urge you to get tested regularly, and get vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t already.

We all must continue to do our part to fight this pandemic and keep each other healthy.

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  1. And I bet y all of those Demotrash wearing masks and vaccinated hope they Eat it good oh I hope Pelosi get it and schemer and specially Adam pencil neck the lair sob pos and never recover nice Christmas wish

  2. They all get covid but no one is dying ,so have they been lying about death and destruction. And yes I know they had there shots but they are not vaccines because vaccines keep you from getting diseases not just make it bearable .

  3. Where were all these people that they’ve all tested positive so close together? I still think this is a new scare tactic to get people to get jabbed! They don’t live in reality where the more people hear about fully vaccinated and boostered people still getting Covid are not going to change their minds about the vaccine it makes them even more sure that they’ve made the right decision NOT to get jabbed. Even those that got the jab but not the second or the booster are having second thoughts about continuing. I have to laugh every time I see that another one tested positive because it really is showing that the vaccine is useless.

    • Nailed it! They’re hoping we’re dumb enough to be scared by this crap. Omicron is mild and they keep saying it’s mild because they’re vaccinated. They wouldn’t even know they had it if they weren’t sticking those tests in their holes every 5 minutes. It’s getting old…

  4. Why does this smell so fishy??? Why does it sound like a big lie only to push for vaccinations and testing and social distancing???? I’ve never wished death upon anyone, but I hope each and every one of these politicians who are down with covid, go straight down to hell. They’re playing with people’s lives while lining their own pockets. Bastards!!

  5. The vaccine and all the boosters sure are making them rich! But sadly, it’s the taxpayers who are funding it. Hence, the many boosters! The dems have a lot of pay offs!!

  6. Seems like each booster brings on a new ”varient” and a need for another
    ”booster”… Each with varying symptoms and side effects…so now whatever you die from it will be from some form of ”covid”…. Follow the $$$

  7. I was going to say where’s the chain letter vaxxed & boosted crap. They are almost verbatim word for word. I’m minamilly sick and because I was vaxxed & boostered. Give me a freaking break just more crap to push the agenda.

  8. I will bet you none of these politicians actually got the jab with the real pision in it . probably saline !

    Not one either takes Vit C , D-3 or Zinc . It seems just like a cold or maybe flu . Since The PCR tests cant tell which corona virus it is .

  9. Fully vaccinated all, want to bet?
    All ‘breakthrough’ cases.
    I saw a dried up old wooden shack once have a ‘breakthrough’ fire.

  10. The jam destroys your immune system. So all these Democrats are getting the breakthrough Covid and recovering quite nicely. That’s surprising because the hospitals are full of folksOf folks who have been vaccinated and have Covid. I guess the Covid knows the difference between the Democrats and the every day people in the hospital.

  11. I don’t believe these Congress people EVER got the vaccine. Remember they are exempt from the vaccine!!!!!
    Who believes a politician any more

  12. Sounds like the jab or the PCR tests are giving them the virus. If they actually have it. But i think they are all lying. Getting ready to declare mail in ballots because of the virus. They are all using the exact same language. Just like the media. Its all preplanned.

  13. Omicron is our Christmas present yo bring the pandemic to an end! Booster for omicron is ineffective – don’t believe the lies from the government

  14. Did the Dimocrats pass out a form letter to use in case anybody got the virus, because they’re all saying the same thing, kinda unbelievable to me. Sounds like a new tactic to get people to get the shot


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