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An unofficial bipartisan election analysis conducted respectively to the Senate-led recount of 2.1 million ballots in Arizona’s Maricopa County concluded that Republicans disenchanted with then-President Donald Trump were responsible for his loss in the 2020 election.

Benny White, a Republican election researcher who previously ran for Pima County recorder, joined with Democrat Larry Moore and independent Tim Halvorsen, two retired executives from election company Clear Ballot, performed an analysis of the cast vote record in the November general election in Maricopa County. White has worked on over two dozen previous election audits, and Moore has had experience in more than 200, White told the Washington Examiner.

The article goes on to state the following:

White, who said he voted for Trump in both elections, spent weeks with his team analyzing the cast vote record, which was obtained through a public records request on May 7. The data can be used to confirm vote tabulations and better understand voting patterns and behavior.

According to the election results reported, Biden won Maricopa County by 45,109 votes.

The analysis team said they learned that there were 13,000 more committed Republicans in Maricopa County than committed Democrats, which should have benefited Trump. However, they said there were more disaffected Republicans than Democrats in the county.

On the Republican side, White said 59,800 people voted for mostly GOP candidates on the ballot, but did not vote for Trump. Out of those, 39,102 crossed the aisle and voted for Biden.

On the Democrat side, White’s research found that 38,851 Democrat voters voted for Democrat candidates on the ballot, but did not vote for Biden. Out of those, 21,679 crossed the aisle and voted for Trump.

Washington Examiner Deputy News Editor Daniel Chaitin tweeted, “Arizona election analysis (separate from the Maricopa County audit) finds GOP voters disenchanted with Trump helped Biden win in 2020.”

Chaitin added:

Benny White, a Republican election researcher, said 59,800 people did not vote for Trump in Maricopa despite voting for mostly GOP candidates down the ballot. The results of his analysis showed 39,102 of those Republican voters crossed the aisle to cast a vote for Joe Biden.

“I have good friends that just argue with me constantly that there’s no way that Joe Biden could have gotten 80 million votes. I say, ‘Well, he did because a lot of Republicans voted for him,'” he told @kaelandeese for @dcexaminer.

On June 8 White sent a letter to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, who has hired audit contractor Cyber Ninjas to conduct the extensive audit of the Maricopa County election, and requested to compare results when they are finished with their audit.

The audit team has not agreed to the request, the report states.

Challenge Letter to Senator… by Benny White

The Maricopa Arizona Audit team provided updates on Twitter this week, writing, “Audit Update: Hand count of ballots was completed yesterday with the exception of Braille ballots. The paper examination phase continues and we are examining over 100k ballots per day!”

“At our current rate of examining over 100k ballots per day, we will complete the paper examination phase of the audit by Saturday, June 26,” the Maricopa Arizona Audit team added.

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  1. I say contact those individuals they say did not vote for Trump but voted straight GOP. Let’s see what they say.

    This is the issue we all know those machines were made to switch the votes, and ballots were changed.

  2. Please tell me why they came out with this CRAP, before the OFFICIAL AUDIT IS ANNOUNCED! Sounds like they are desperately trying to PULL ANOTHER FAST ONE!

  3. Bullshit. MOV was 11k we KNOW there are a minimum of 30k fakes. Based on liberals own reporting. (Looking for bamboo fibers for 30k ballets) if they ain’t Runbeck they ain’t legal.

  4. How many of those votes were dead people or other ineligible votes in Maricopa county? I’ll wait for the result of the audit. I want to see the integrity of the vote to be restored. No one can say there was no cheating.

  5. If true bet they have buyers remorse. Hope they enjoy their inflation and higher gas prices not to mention any looming tax hike.

  6. Hmmm, let’s see. The AZ senate hired Cyber Ninjas to do the audit, not Clear Ballot. Anyone smell sour grapes? Retribution, perhaps? Since Trump ended up with more than 10 million votes nationally
    in 2020 than he got in 2016, I would say these guys came to an erroneous conclusion.

  7. WHY was ANYONE doing an “election analysis” when an actual audit was underway??? I’ll tell you why…to make people question the integrity of the actual audit! This is total bullshit that this would even be allowed!

    • Exactly !!

      Kat you hit it right on the head. FAKE NEWS.

      The dems lost. They know they lost. Now its time for them to try to get ahead of the soon to be released proof that they lost…

  8. Rubbish. Disenchanted Trump voters is about as real as a hen with teeth. Too much time has passed allowing Democratic conspirators and voter frauds to destroy, hide, manipulate ballots to the point no reliable conclusion can be made at this point. However, with Fox News calling the election early in Arizona basically tipped off most of us that something crooked was going on.

    You can count your Monopoly money as many times as you want.

    That does not mean you are rich.

  10. I agree. This is nothing but BS! They really think we are so stupid. They just want the easy way out and not have to deal with the fraud! Sickening!

  11. Seems odd. I still cry foul. Somethings not right somewhere. What concerns me is “they” k IQ what they did & will continue to do it. Once Obama pushes Joe to the point the idiot constituents see it, then we may see the dial turn.

  12. Not taking your word on this. Anyone can give an analysis…. My analysis is your lying and TRUMP IS STILL OUR PRESIDENT. Save your BULLS—T for your paid-by-corruption followers.
    Go collect your dirty money your going to need it for attorney fees.
    God does know the truth

  13. .plane and simple ,just another lie. No way that many Republicans would have became that stupid and vote for brainless joe

  14. Disenchanted voters???? Trump had disenchanted voters at the same time he gained millions of additional votes?? Seems odd. If he disenchanted Republicans, he probably didn’t gain Democrats. He may have grabbed some Independents. Either way, I’m not sure I agree with their evaluation.


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