NEWS ALERT: Beat-up box of ‘Important Doc’s’ was out in open at Biden’s house, laptop reveals [PHOTO]

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This can’t really be where Joe Biden kept classified documents he took from the White House — or can it?

A box labeled “Important Doc’s + Photos” was left unsealed on a table ahead of a child’s birthday party in the Delaware home where the 80-year-old president has been discovered to have stashed sensitive government records, a photo from his son’s laptop, discovered by The Post Friday reveals.

Another image on the infamous laptop reveals that Hunter Biden apparently made more than 160 trips to the sprawling, lakeside house in just 52 days during the same time he was involved in controversial business dealings with a Chinese energy conglomerate — and while the home contained the discovered classified documents.

The New York Post details in their report what was taking place in the home at the time the photo was reportedly taken and saved on Hunter’s laptop, in March 2017, as they were preparing to host a birthday party for his nephew.

The photo shows a white cardboard file box with brown packing tape holding it together, as it sat on the dining table with the lid slightly open.

On the lid was a handwritten label: “Important Doc’s + Photos.”

CLICK HERE to read more of this report by the New York Post.   Below is the photo of the box:

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  1. Gee, where’s the screaming left when they were going ballistic over Trump’s “legally” DECLASSIFIED docs, LOCKED UP!? So tired of the stupidity coming from them when something like this happens. Then it is no big deal. Hypocrites!

    • Just watch those hags on the view resurface with their vile hate….especially behar and lets not forget about her sister joy reid, the racist bitch. Her jaws will be flapping a mile a minute tomorrow on the news channel. Both of these seahags are joy-less.

  2. The people in the WH right now, are Traitors, Hunter was left the documents in the house where he was living, and free to sell them to the Chinese, and of course, 10% for the big mam in the highest office of the land. If these 2 aren’t charged with Treason and prosecuted, then we’ve already lost our country.

  3. This is outrageous. Just when is the hammer going to drop on the maggot-in-thief joe and his lowlife son. These people have no shame. biden should be on his way to GITMO. Just how many times has hunter the lowlife entertained chinese visitors at that house? I suppose he flew on AF ! or Marine ! on the taxpayers dime with all those trips to DE also. This lowlife should be paying back every dime to the Treasury. But the SOB is probably broke.

  4. I expect better from the media than this which is
    why I don’t trust journalists. This is literally a meaningless article. Lots of people have a box labeled like this or similarly in their garage or closet or shed or storage unit etc.
    100% made up to lead us to believe and suckers fall for it hook, line and sinker.


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