NEWS ALERT: Beijing is building an electronic eavesdropping facility just 100 miles off USA coast, Republicans react

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Beijing is set to build an electronic eavesdropping facility on Cuba, just 100 miles from the coast of Florida, that will be able to gather US military secrets.

Citing officials ‘with highly classified intelligence’, The Wall Street Journal said China and Cuba have reached a secret agreement to establish the base.

The newspaper reported its sources as saying Beijing had agreed to pay cash-strapped Havana several billions of dollars to allow it to build the facility, and that at this stage an agreement had been reached ‘in principle’.

The Wall Street Journal explains, “A Chinese base with advanced military and intelligence capabilities in the U.S.’s backyard could be an unprecedented new threat. ”

According to U.S. officials, the new base in Cuba “would enable China to conduct signals intelligence, known in the espionage world as sigint, which could include the monitoring of a range of communications, including emails, phone calls and satellite transmissions.”

In a series of Twitter posts, Wall Street Journal reporter Jonathan Cheng shared the following alarming details:

China and Cuba have reached a secret deal for China to establish an electronic eavesdropping facility on the island, in a new geopolitical challenge from Beijing, according to U.S. officials familiar with highly classified intelligence.

An eavesdropping facility in Cuba, roughly 100 miles from Florida, would allow Chinese intelligence services to scoop up electronic communications throughout the southeastern U.S., where many military bases are located, and monitor U.S. ship traffic.

Officials familiar with the matter said that China has agreed to pay cash-strapped Cuba several billion dollars to allow it to build the eavesdropping station, and that the two countries had reached an agreement in principle.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley reacted to the news, tweeting, “This month alone, China has harassed & threatened a U.S. fighter jet & naval ship. Now, it’s putting a spy base in Cuba. President Biden is twiddling his thumbs, worrying about China’s green energy policies. Joe Biden needs to wake up to the real Chinese threats on our doorstep.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) also seized on the report, tweeting, “The threat to America from #Cuba isn’t just real, it is far worse than this. But to date not only does the Biden WH not care, they have people who actually want to appease the regime.”

Rep. María Elvira Salazar (R-Fla.) tweeted, The Cuban regime is auctioning off land to the Russians, hosting the Iranians, and letting the Chinese open a base to spy on the US. Just 90 miles from our coast, the dictatorship has opened the door to our greatest enemies!👇.”

Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-Fla.) tweeted, “As the only Cuban-born Member of the 118th Congress, I have been warning about the imminent national security threat posed by the murderous Castro regime in #Cuba. Now, the Castros are plotting with Communist #China to eavesdrop on America.”

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