NEWS ALERT: Biden, Blundering Through Event, Visibly Stunned As Basketball Player Collapses At White House

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President Joe Biden had to pause his remarks after a member of the LSU basketball team collapsed behind him with a medical issue.

The room dissolved into chaos after the LSU Tigers player fell down behind the president during his remarks congratulating the basketball team on winning the 2022-2023 NCAA Championship season.

“Is she ok?” someone in the audience asked.

“Folks, it’s ok,” Biden said.

The player was removed from the East Room via wheelchair.

“This is not the first time this has happened. Not to her but to a lot of folks standing up on this stage,” Biden reassured the crowd.

Biden was called out for some blunders during the event. In one instance, making a strange comment during the event.

In a tweet the Daily Caller wrote:

“President Biden gives BIZARRE (slightly insulting) congratulations to LSU’s Head Coach

“BIDEN: ‘None of us gonna wash away.’”


In another rough moment, Biden seemed to have forgotten about one of his granddaughters. Forbes tweeted:

“JUST IN: While hosting the LSU Tigers Women’s Basketball Team, President Biden says ‘I’ve got four granddaughters,’ when in reality he has five.”

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