NEWS ALERT: Border Patrol Suspends Routine Duties in Key Crossing Area

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EAGLE PASS, Texas — Border Patrol agents on routine patrol were noticeably absent Tuesday. Agents say they were removed from regular duties and relegated exclusively to processing and caring for thousands of migrants detained at temporary holding facilities in the region.

A constant flow of migrants crossed the Rio Grande and searched for law enforcement authorities to surrender to this week. In the busiest migrant crossing areas around the city, authorities were largely absent. The options available to the migrants were Texas Army National Guard soldiers positioned along the riverbank and near common crossing points.

The article goes on to state the following:

One plainclothes Highway Patrol Trooper assigned to the Texas DPS Criminal Investigative Branch supervised the surrender of some of the migrants crossing with the assistance of soldiers. Border Patrol agents tell Breitbart Texas they are lucky if they can field one marine unit and be able to transport the surrendering migrants.

According to one DHS official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, “the level of overcrowding in Border Patrol facilities is crippling the agency’s ability to respond to citizen calls and has left the border open.”

Below is just a sample of what’s coming across the border in the area from which Border Patrol agents have now been removed:

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  1. Its now obvious the left policies are meant to bring American citizens to our knees and dependent on the gov. I will do without before bowing to them. God Bless America.

  2. Why are people not holding this administration accountable for breaking our immagration laws. Congress makes the laws, not Biden and Myorkas!

  3. The entire administration and every elected official allowing this to happen is in direct violation of our Congressional Immigration Laws and needs to be impeached and/or tried for Treason.
    But of course, we ALL know that will NEVER happen. They only go after victims of bogus dossiers and porn star lies.

  4. When will the first major terrorist attack happen? We are being invaded and have no clue who they are and what their intentions are. Besides robbing from American tax payers, dependent on Government help, burdensome bills on communities, schools, healthcare and housing. Crime exploding! This administration is destroying our country. They are getting wealthier while we are getting poorer. They do not care!!!
    We need Trump back!!! We will not survive 3 more years of biden! Biden in Europe is a joke. Worried about other countries while his own is being invaded is laughable. WEF is running the show.


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