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Austria is set to place millions of people not fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in lockdown in a matter of days while the German government said it planned to tighten restrictions, as infections in both countries soar to record highs and intensive care units face an increasing strain.

The provinces of Upper Austria and Salzburg are expected to introduce a lockdown for unvaccinated people from Monday next week after recommendations from medical experts, Austria’s health minister, Wolfgang Mückstein, said on Friday.

The article goes on to state the following:

According to virologists, the aggressive spread of the disease is due to the spread of the Delta variant, coupled with a vaccination rate that remains too low. About 65% of Austria’s population are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, national statistics show, while 67% are vaccinated in Germany. Experts have repeatedly said a vaccination rate of at least 75% is necessary to be able to control the pandemic. Upper Austria records just under 60% of the total population as being vaccinated.

The report explains that both Austria and Germany have a digital Covid-19 passport system, where people can show proof of vaccine status on their mobile phones.

In late October, thousands of Austrians turned out in a massive protest against vaccine passports:

Austrians also marched in protest of vaccine lockdowns last January:

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  1. Well Austria is returning to fascism. Oh how special. I wonder how long till we’ll see goose stepping, book burnings and concentration camps?

  2. Who are they going to blame when the numbers don’t drop dramatically after locking up the “dissidents”? Well they’ll probably take a page from the Biden administration and fudge the numbers to fit the narrative!!

  3. Are they also planning to.lockdown the VAXXED ?? As they can continue to GET and SPREAD this ?? Im sick of it continuing to be called a VAX when it is NOWHERE NEAR being one

  4. It was recently reported that Ireland has the highest population vaxxed at 91% and they are now experiencing highest number of ppl hospitalized with Covid!!! How come the media doesn’t let this be news?
    It only confirms the vax is a bio weapon to kill and depopulate 209 countries. Nothing will stop it.

  5. You know, every time I hear or read references to Fascism, I feel like people are missing the big picture. Totalitarianism is what we should be talking about. It is the backbone to both Nazism and Stalinist Communism ideologies. Do some research. Here’s some help to get you started:

    •Sets goals of the state
    •Justifies gov’t action
    •Glorifies aims of the state

    State Control of Individuals
    •Demands loyalty
    •Total obedience to authority
    •Personal sacrifice for the good of the state
    •Denies basic liberties

    Methods of Enforcement
    •Use of organized violence
    •Indoctrination, censorship, persecution
    •Uses force to crush all opposition
    •Targets certain groups as enemies (minorities, political opponents)

    Dictatorship & One-Party Rule
    •Exercises absolute authority
    •Dominates the gov’t

    Modern Technology
    •Mass communication to spread propaganda

    State Control of Society
    Control over:
    Family life
    The arts

    The juror is still out on this next one. However, some believe Biden to be the great unifier by “bringing broadband to everyone in America.” (I just now heard his propagandist make that point in a news conference while having a verbal orgasm over the trillion $$ “infrastructure” bill)
    Dynamic Leader
    •Unites people toward common goals
    •Encourages unconditional loyalty & uncritical support of regime through force of will
    •Becomes the symbol of gov’t

    Do any of the above sound the least bit familiar? Might we be seeing these happening more and more today? Can you fill in some examples? We are in a fight to rid this country of totalitarianism ideology. Whether or not it is Nazism are Stalinist Communism doesn’t matter.

    Curious to see your replies lol

  6. Well one thing for sure Those unvaccinated people will be safe from those with the jab.
    Those with the jab are the ones dying And filling up Hospitals I guess when their population dies off Those behind the fences will be all the people they have left.
    You people had better lookup what is in those shots Watch Harris day those with the shots will be sing off like flies in 2 years.
    Fear Satans biggest draw. No one wants to say it or shoot the first shot We are in a war Waiting the bullets to start We can’t let these people in America have this kind of power They already have the encampments and are hiring
    What say you America ?


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