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The Education Department on Monday launched civil rights investigations into five states that have barred indoor masking mandates, alleging that the governors are creating an unsafe learning environment for students with disabilities at heightened risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

It’s an aggressive new legal tact from the Biden administration to challenge Republican governors who insist indoor mask mandates don’t work.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that schools are generally safe if students and staff universally wear masks. School districts who struggled with COVID-19 outbreaks this year – oftentimes sending thousands of kids home – typically did not require masks.

In letters to education chiefs, the department’s Office for Civil Rights said the bans could discriminate against students with disabilities or underlying medical conditions.

The states that fall under the investigation include:

  • Iowa
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennesse
  • Utah

If the investigation finds that states discriminated against students with disabilities, the Biden administration could withdraw federal funding.

“It’s simply unacceptable that state leaders are putting politics over the health and education of the students they took an oath to serve,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said in a statement. “The department will fight to protect every student’s right to access in-person learning safely.”

As of now, the department has no plans to include Florida, Texas, Arkansas and Arizona in the investigation, as mask bans have been struck down by courts.

The Education Department made the announcement in a series of Twitter posts on Monday:

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  1. The left works tirelessly, 25/7, to destroy America!! Don’t be distracted!! Their whole game is to keep covid front and center, to clog the news cycle ahead of the Arizona election audits being released. This is their greatest fear!!

    • Other distractions are the borders and killing of our military members, other Americans and Afghanistan civilians!! We have learned from Obama and the leftist news agencies that if they don’t talk about it their hope is we will forget about it.

  2. I sure hope these 5 states don’t crumble to these corrupt dictators!!
    Home School if you have to! Don’t mask your kids that will kill their immune systems.

  3. Wait…. if ya wana get all butt hurt. The bans do nothing but ban mandatory masks. The ONLY discrimination that can be had is if it was mandatory. Not sure how this is gona work. Because even a few lawyers I know are very confused. They want to see the actual paperwork obviously, but say they already have great cases against this.

  4. Go to HELL !

    You lousy, no good for nothing tyrants! I hope you all go to HELL for what you’ve done to OUR country!!

  5. As long as the border is WIDE OPEN, they have no right to tell US citizens anything !!!! That along with unvetted Afghanistan citizens brought to Ametica, bring increased threats of illness and terror.

  6. Has there ever been any scientific study that states that masks help prevent COVID and are healthy to wear? Without any type of study how can anyone proclaim mask work or don’t work? In other wards can the government scientifically backup their claims that mask work?

    • No they can’t. That’s the point. So. All this distraction towards our open borders and letting in Afgans. Ducy our republican gov here just oped us up to masses of Afgans coming here. Then he says they’ve been vetted?!!! I don’t believe. You can’t really vent all those people. They can lie. Remember Muslems can lie to infidels. He’s example of why the repubs just as bad. Ducy responsible for doing this. I will continue calling my legislators every week saying same message. Close bor ders, no afgan refugees, ect ect. Az getting destroyed.

  7. All states that are Red or Lean Red!!! Masks do not work, proven science and they claim to follow the science????? Leave our children out of this!!! If the teachers want to wear them then So Be It!!!!
    This demented imbecile has nothing that works because he is the “Reverse” Midas Touch!!!!

  8. Making a child wear a mask is child abuse. Mask are ineffective but does much damage to the students mental, physical, educational and social health. Nothing could be done if all students refused to wear them. School systems lose money when kids are suspended. Parents have got to fight this issue. Administrations can’t do it folks. Parents stand up for your kids. They are being abused by the Biden administration. Next they will require the jab.

  9. It’s time to turn the tables We have no education in this country They are communist indoctrination centers.
    Target the right ones

  10. 10th amendment Plain and simple. Education nor health are among the enumerated powers. Just because the frds created an agency does not mean thst agency hss any authority whatsoever.

  11. Leave Tennessee the f##k alone!!!We will say what’s best for our kids not no demmintia fool.I fear when it’s time for the audits to come out we will have terrorist attacks everywhere.The democrats are setting it up be careful everybody.

  12. Masks are dirty because people don’t clean regularly. I can’t breath in them. People are supposed to be able to get mask exemption if medical problem is there. I have bronchiectasis a lung disease that causes shortness of breath. I wonder my doctor office say if I ask for a note of some sort?


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