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The Center for Immigration Studies reported on Monday that deportations have PLUMMETED under the Biden administration. The report begins:

Immigration enforcement, as measured by the number of aliens removed from the country, has collapsed to the lowest level since the mid-1990s, according to ICE deportation records the Center has obtained. Under policies imposed by the Biden administration, removals dropped by 80 percent since last year’s low point during the pandemic lockdown, and by 90 percent since 2019, the last normal year for ICE operations. The number of aliens removed who had serious criminal convictions also has declined by over 50 percent from 2020 and by 65 percent since 2019.

The Center recently obtained records from ICE with details on all aliens removed from the beginning of FY 2019 through July 10, 2021.1 The records include information on each alien removed by ICE, including date of removal, criminal convictions, and the ICE field office that handled the removal. Unlike past instances when we obtained these very same records, ICE has so far refused to provide information on whether the removed alien was arrested at the border or in the interior. Therefore, these statistics should be interpreted with caution because it is not clear to what extent they may reflect the level of enforcement at the border as well as in the interior. Nevertheless, it is possible to see in these records just how dramatically the new Biden policies have reduced ICE enforcement activity.

Under Biden Policies, ICE Removals Have Plummeted to a Fraction of Normal Levels. On his first day of office (January 20, 2021), President Biden issued a directive halting virtually all deportations for 100 days and greatly restricting immigration enforcement activity.2 Following a lawsuit by Texas asserting grave fiscal and public safety harm to its citizens from a near-suspension of federal immigration enforcement, within two weeks federal judge Drew Tipton halted the deportation freeze and later enjoined it indefinitely pending further legal action. The restrictions on other enforcement actions have remained in place with some minor modifications, meaning that, in effect, ICE has been limited to removing known or suspected terrorists, aliens convicted of very serious crimes (mostly those defined as “aggravated felons”), and recent illegal arrivals.

The CIS blasted out a series of Twitter posts with details on their exclusive report, with director Jessica Vaughan warning that deportations of aliens with serious criminal convictions have declined 65% since 2019.

“The level of enforcement, as measured by removals, is quite significantly lower than in 2019, and also much lower than the period after February 2020, when ICE had to curtail arrests, detentions, and deportations due to pandemic restrictions,” CIS tweeted.

“ICE removed only 6,000 serious criminal aliens under Biden’s enforcement policies. This is just half the number of serious criminals who were removed during the same period in 2020, during the height of the pandemic,” Vaughan reported.

“ICE was on pace to remove ~62k aliens for the entire 2021FY, down from about 186k in 2020, which was already a year of greatly reduced activity due to the pandemic. The total number of removals in 2019, a more normal year, was just over 267k,” CIS reported.

CLICK HERE to read more of this report by the Center For Immigration Studies.

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  1. This is insane. Impeach administration across the board for failing to protect America.

    Whoever is the next President will have a 9/11 type event because of this Administration. Sick bastards


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