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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Breitbart:

Many of the deported migrants who are now getting special invites to re-enter the U.S. are so poor they need government aid for housing and healthcare, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The admission came in a July 19 statement to progressive contractors who want to be paid for wrapping the poor and unskilled migrants in the taxpayer-funded federal welfare system. The DHS statement said:

When appropriate, the Contractor shall collaborate with other providers, contractors, and stakeholders to help ensure a “wraparound” approach to services. Services include but are not limited to: housing, primary health care, nutrition assistance, legal assistance, immigration and travel processes.

The article goes on to state the following:

The housing aid is being offered to lawfully deported migrants who are being invited to return by Joe Biden’s pro-migration deputies. Progressives argue the aid is deserved because the migrants were unfairly separated from their children during the deportation process.

In their report, Breitbart noted that Axios recently published an article that pushed concerns that returning “migrant families” might end up homeless.

Axios writes:

On Tuesday, the government published a request for information for a potential contract that would help the government manage and care for separated families.

  • Advocates are pressing for more government assistance — financial and in the form of social services case managers — even as they pull together private resources to fund emergency housing needs for families.
  • They say there’s a need for more help with food, mental health services, school registration and medical checkups, as well as housing.

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  1. Impeach Biden, Harris, and Democrat leadership for violating their oath of office and crimes against the American citizens

  2. We Americans are just sitting back and letting all this happen to our country.Men have just become soft.The men that fought for this country and made it what it is are rolling in their graves.What are we waiting on?Joe is destroying this country piece by piece and we are just sitting here taking it till it’s all gone.When are men going to be men again?

  3. American citizens are homeless, so why do ILLEGALS deserve everything free?? If they had to live on the streets, let’s see how many would be coming. And I think the military bases they don’t use would be good for the homeless veterans.

  4. Democrats are the most horrible animals on the planet! How disgusting to force us to pay for this injustice! I do not care if the people injuring me as a citizen are poor! Make their own countries pay for their lousy butts and get out of ours! They do not belong here!

  5. NO, NO, NO.

    They’re illegal alien invaders, and they need to be in their own countries, NOT in our country.

    We have plenty of citizen indigent people in our country, we certainly do not need to import any indigent people from other countries.

    This is a serious case of the Financial Emperor’s New Clothes – biden and his horrid administration are stripping us financially naked – and it’s not a good look for any of us.

    • Meanwhile seniors & vets barely get by. I know of seniors and I’m not lying that get $3 a month in food stamps!!! United States citizens who (most ) have worked all their life’s. How about instead of money to send to countries for abortions you put BACK the money you took from peoples SS and never put back.!!!! I have never seen a administration so inept and unconcerned about Americans. Take care of your own citizens first and if people wanna come here then do it legally like millions before you did. Everyone knew we would have to support them. Let’s take the democrats in congress salary and their money to pay for them. If you did that the border wall would be finished & they wouldn’t be inviting everyone & their brother. Send them to these blue states that want them so bad or better yet. There’s a bunch of room in the WH and pelosi’s mansions along with everyone pushing this. Let them house them. Hey the Blm can afford to buy million dollar houses let them move in with them. You already closed a foster home to put these people in along with hotels. Empty military bases are ok. This crap makes me so mad.


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