NEWS ALERT: Doctors Warn of ‘Movement to Turn Physicians into Social Justice Warriors’

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SHORT PUMP, Virginia — Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, chair of medical advocacy group Do No Harm, warned of a growing movement by American medical schools and professional organizations to “turn physicians into social justice warriors.”

Breitbart News obtained exclusive access to a private lecture to around 130 doctors and medical professionals near Richmond, Virginia, who see their profession under threat of racialized care and politically oriented medical decision making.

Goldfarb spoke about his time as associate dean for curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where he saw the encroachment of Critical Race Theory-style ideologies into schools meant to train future doctors.

Voicing serious concerns, Goldfarb warned, “Medical education is really on the decline,” and noted the growing trend as medical professionals “worry more and more about the social conditions from where patients come.”

Goldfarb further explained that woke climate change classes are being pushed on doctors, and revealed that many medical school applications now ask students to respond on their support for diversity, equity, and inclusion ideology.

Race is also a major issue, Goldfarb warned, saying, “This movement says that we should treat people differently based on their skin color.”

“If there is a center of Marxism in the United States, it exists in schools of education,” Goldfarb said.

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  1. That is old news. Read about this back when Covid and the stolen election took place. I guess we’re playing catch up. The articles I’ve read then just solidify my thoughts on the medical field. How does a doctor treat one over FaceTime. Why would they encourage vax knowing there was no information on side effects. That is not a true medical doctor. How many times have people been given an incorrect diagnosis or told they have no idea what’s wrong with them. Pretty frightening


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