NEWS ALERT: Emails reveal how Hollywood actor helped fund climate nuisance lawsuits

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s non-profit foundation awarded grants to a dark money group which, in turn, funneled money to a law firm spearheading climate nuisance lawsuits nationwide, according to emails reviewed by Fox News Digital.

Correspondence between Dan Emmett, a major philanthropist, and Ann Carlson — a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) climate professor — in 2017 revealed that the two worked with law firm Sher Edling to raise money for its efforts to sue oil companies over alleged climate change deception on behalf of state and local governments, according to the emails obtained by watchdog group Government Accountability & Oversight (GAO) and shared with Fox News Digital.

The article goes on to state the following:

In their emails, Emmett and Carlson discuss how Chuck Savitt, Sher Edling’s director of strategic client relationships, had sought Emmett’s support and had already received support from Terry Tamminen in his role as the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s CEO, a title he held between 2016 and 2019. When the emails were exchanged, Carlson, who is now a senior Biden administration official, served as co-director of the UCLA Emmett Institute on Climate Change & the Environment, the advisory board which Emmett still chairs.

Emmett wrote in an email to Carlson on July 22, 2017, “Chuck Savitt who is heading this new organization behind the lawsuits has been seeking our support. Terry Tamminen in his new role with the DiCaprio Foundation has been a key supporter.”

In their report, Fox News shares details of multiple correspondence on the matter, and notes that the correspondence occurred just two months before the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation announced plans to donate $20 million in grants to multiple climate and conservation causes.

In a Twitter post on Friday, DiCaprio touted the new bill passed by Congress, writing, “Congress passed the biggest #ClimateAction in U.S. history. It’s a major step forward, propelling us into the work that remains to address the unjust burden on communities of color. Thank you to @NRDC_Action for its continuous work to build a healthy future for all.”

Last Tuesday DeCaprio tweeted, “Thank you to the @SenateDems for passing the Inflation Reduction Act. This bill, the largest climate investment in US history, is a major step forward in securing the country’s commitment to effective #ClimateAction.”

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  1. How does climate affect persons of color more that it does people in general?

    I thought the world was going to end in the 70’s because of climate issues anyway. Looks like all they’re doing is channeling dark money and making things worse overall.

    Can we all agree that until China and India get a grip on their situations, as well as the elites around the world, that nothing is going to change? The US is hardly a problem comparatively.

    • it wasn’t climate, we were all gonna die from nuclear war… and they’ve been manipulating us through fear ever since. getting themselves rich/richer in the process…

  2. How is it these brain dead rich idiots throw their money into this BS . could have fed the homeless of his city for years and even gave them a place to stay .

  3. So you wish to help equality then give up your money you punk assed bitch. You talk and yeah sorry for you 20 mil is small change but your still living high on the hog. You need a readjustment like boycott all leos movies make him nothing again . Your nothing but a tart . Tart =totally asshole really toxic

  4. This is all about the transfer of American taxpayer dollars into the hands of the rich by creating these fake climate change companies. The windmills are atrocious, the solar panels are filling landfills, and the mining for the battery minerals is polluting the planet. And most of these are all done with slave labor and child labor. Climate activists are nothing but dumb hypocrites. People need to wake up and rise up in November and 2024!

    • It’s better to dig out and strip mine for precious metals rather than coal because….why? They never adequately answer this question.
      Clearly, the people behind the oil co lawsuits are ambitious power seekers—sue oil companies & get to DC while making lawyers rich—what a scheme!

  5. While DiCaprio flites around the world in his private jet complaining about us mere mortals and how we are killing the planet/climate change BS.

  6. Another hollyweirdo dumbass. And how much pollution does all of his action movies create? Another sheep getting on the bandwagon to tell everyone else how to live. How many houses does he have, I wonder?

  7. Why don’t the idiots concerned about climate change going to China and India, the two biggest polluters in the world….oh I know why, because they would be jailed or worse

  8. First off, Global Warming alarmism is a sham. It was recently exposed that 96% of the US Government temperature monitors are placed in locations where the surface temperature will screw the air temperature. (Tar roof tops and parking lots. The reason the East Coast is not under water is because they have been lying all along about the so called “science”. Our government has also change historical data readings to make it look like we are warming. Using deception for financial gain used to be called fraud in this country. That’s what this is.

  9. CO2 is not a “dangerous emission”. It’s a gas essential for all life on earth. What’s dangerous is this idiot cult of climate change.

  10. Like Taylor Swift he is hypocritical and his carbon footprints effect all of us while he helps the Dems with dark money in the Dems campaigns! He will help destroy our country and not care

  11. This man is a douche! He is the quintessential Hollywood hypocrite! He preaches to the “peasants” about they’re destroying the planet and HAVE to give up everything the he climbs into his private jet and flies all over the world! He doesn’t believe in climate change at all! His ego and sense of entitlement is astronomical!

  12. I’ll never watch any of his movies / tv shows, etc again.

    I think he’s an enemy of We, The People.

    Give up your plane, and ride your bike everywhere you go, leo.

    What a shame he’s bought into this climate change nonsense. I am glad his dark money activities are exposed now – so we may see him for what he is.


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