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Amid the Russian invasion and deadly attacks against Ukraine, the European Union has accepted Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s application to join the 27-nation group.

Fox News reports: The EU has accepted Ukraine’s application and has commenced a special admission procedure to integrate the country, Eastern European media has reported.

The EU will also look to switch Ukraine over to its power grid in the coming weeks, further integrating the country into the European structure.

The Kyiv Independent also announced on Twitter: “⚡️BREAKING: European Parliament recommends giving Ukraine EU candidate status. The decision follows President Zelensky’s speech, where he called on the EU to “prove” that the union is with Ukraine. The resolution also demands that Russia withdraws all its troops from Ukraine.”

The vote to accept Zelenskyy’s application was almost unanimous from the European Parliament, with 637 yes votes, 13 no’s, and 26 abstained.

Zelenskyy received a long standing ovation during his emotional speech on Tuesday requesting membership.

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  1. For once, the EU is doing something worthwhile.
    This will force a shutdown of everything Russia uses, buys, or sells with the EU.
    At this point they’re down to not much more than China.

  2. You think it was going to stop here? No. Putin was testing in the waters as well as China in Taiwan air space( no one reporting on that) North Korea firing on Japan.
    This is organized to see how the US responds.
    Our enemies know we are weak and pushing for war.
    This is a Hitler regimen restarted .
    You would have to be deaf , dumb and blind to not see it

  3. Russia would not have attacked Ukraine if Ukraine had not relinquished their nuklear arsenal. Ukraine had the 3rd largest arsenal. Never give in to Russian demands. You can’t trust them. There’s always an underlying reason for their actions. And it’s always in their favor.
    When the East Berlin wall came down, I said not to trust Russia. That Russia is a sleeping Bear. God help us all when it awakes!


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