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A Nigerian city purchased two trains intended for a high-speed rail line in Wisconsin more than a decade after the Obama administration doled out $810 million to the state for the project.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, Nigeria, visited Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Wednesday to inspect the trains and announce the purchase, he tweeted. The trains will be used for a metro rail project that is under construction in Lagos, Nigeria’s capital and most populous city.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Today, I inspected our newly acquired Talgo Intra-City Ten Coach metropolitan trains, for our Red Line Metro project in Lagos,” Sanwo-Olu said Wednesday. “These new trains which were originally intended to connect Madison and Milwaukee in the United States, are now headed for Lagos state.”

Sanwo-Olu added:

The 37 km Red Line on completion will traverse eight stations and move passengers from Agbado to Oyingbo. We have completed the acquisition of the trains and ramping up the completion of the ancillary infrastructure like the train stations. (2/3)

We are irrevocably committed to completing the Red Line Metro rail project by the end of this year and bring a new lease of life to public transportation in Lagos. (3/3)

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  1. Gosh, so many unanswered questions:

    ~ Who paid for these?
    ~ Are there more that were unused?
    ~ Why wasn’t the project completed in WI?
    ~ Who was in charge of the project?
    ~ Who (names!) failed to ensure project completion?
    ~ How much other money was spent on the project, after the stated $810 million in article?
    ~ On what items was any money spent?
    ~ What agency / organization spent any money on this project?
    ~ Where is the accounting for the entire project?
    ~ Did any politician or elected official champion this failed project? What do they say now?

    Those are all I can think of, just off the cuff.

  2. Obama doled out $810 million ??? Of out hard earned money. He was the worst of the worst politicians at wasting taxpayer money. I wonder who he appointed to look after this, where’s the money now, and who profited from the unfinished project.

  3. What he didn’t waste he stole. And they tried stealing all the vehicles that they used But were made to give them back Democrats are thieves


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